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Anker Solix Battery System Disrupts the Game, Takes on Tesla’s Powerwall

Anker's Home Solar Battery System

Anker, the master of smartphone accessories, ventures into new frontiers with the Solix line. Launched at the electrifying ReCharge event in NYC, Solix empowers homes with unstoppable power, even in grid chaos. Anker also caters to apartment dwellers with a game-changing battery solution for their DIY balcony solar panels. Discover the marvels of Anker’s Solix battery system as it challenges Tesla’s Powerwall in the home energy storage arena.

Modular Power for Your Home:

Anker’s Solix battery system is a game-changer in the world of home energy storage. The system is designed to be highly flexible and modular, allowing users to customise the capacity according to their needs. Starting from a modest 5kWh, equivalent to a hybrid car’s battery, it can scale up to a whopping 180kWh, similar to the size of Rivian’s R1T Max Pack battery. This modular approach gives homeowners the freedom to choose the right amount of power storage for their specific requirements.

Breaking Away from Limitations

Anker’s Solix battery outshines Tesla’s Powerwall 2 with flexible capacity and panel compatibility. While Powerwall requires solar panel purchase, Solix seamlessly integrates with existing or Anker-provided panels. Smart technology and a user-friendly app empower homeowners to monitor and control their energy flow. Anker’s innovation sets a new standard in home energy storage, offering convenience and versatility for a sustainable future.

The Pricing Puzzle

While Anker has yet to disclose the pricing details for the Solix battery system, it aims to offer a cost-effective solution for homeowners. By providing compatibility with existing solar panels, Anker seeks to reduce the overall installation costs. This move ensures that users can seamlessly integrate the Solix battery system into their homes without breaking the bank. Anker plans to launch the Solix battery globally in 2024, setting the stage for a more accessible and competitive home energy storage market.

A Mini Powerwall for European Dwellers

Anker’s quest for innovation extends beyond the Solix battery system. Enter the Solarbank, a European gem tailored to apartment living. Pair it with Anker’s balcony solar panels for a sleek energy storage solution. With its scalable capacity of 1.6kWh to 3.2kWh, the Solarbank harmonizes with existing micro-inverters. Just plug Anker’s inverter into a standard socket, and surplus energy flows effortlessly into the battery, delivering seamless power to your abode. Say hello to uninterrupted living, European style.

Empowering On-the-Go: The Solix Brand Expansion

Building upon its Solix brand, Anker is redefining portable power solutions. The F2000 rollaway suitcase portable power station, also known as the 767 PowerHouse, offers incredible versatility. With a 2048Wh battery, which can be doubled with an additional expansion battery, the PowerHouse provides ample power for various devices. An optional 200W solar panel generator accessory allows for convenient recharging, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures or emergency situations.


Anker’s Solix battery system illuminates the path to a greener future. With its modular design and commitment to accessibility, Anker is revolutionising home energy storage. As the company prepares to launch globally in 2024, it aims to empower homeowners with customisable and affordable solutions. In the race for sustainability, Anker, along with rivals like Tesla, shines brightly, paving the way for a more eco-friendly tomorrow.

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