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Level Up Your Meetings with Google Meet’s New AI


Tired of endless virtual meetings? Google Meet’s got your back with exciting AI tricks that’ll make meetings a breeze. Check out the cool updates that could change the way you tackle those Zoom calls.

Effortless Note-Taking with Duet AI

Say goodbye to scribbling notes during meetings! Google’s Duet AI is stepping up to the plate. Soon, it’ll capture meeting highlights for you. With a simple click, Duet will whip up a summary packed with key points and action items. No more frantic note-taking – let the AI do the heavy lifting. You’ll spot it in Workspace Labs real soon.

Meetings on Autopilot with Duet AI

Got too much on your plate? Duet AI’s got your back. Even if you can’t attend a meeting, Duet will be your stand-in (kind of). It’ll create notes that others can dive into and discuss. Imagine a world where you can skip meetings – if that happens, Meet will end the call. Brace yourself – this feature’s coming next year.

Dynamic Layouts for the Win

Ever struggle to see everyone on a video call? Google’s got your visual comfort covered. They’re introducing dynamic layouts for Meet. No more squinting at tiny faces – the layout adapts based on the number of participants and screen sizes. Finally, no one’s left out of view!

AI-Powered Future Awaits

Duet AI is bringing the magic of AI to all your Workspace apps. Google’s been on a roll with AI supercharging – from smarter Search to enhanced Gmail and Google Docs. Plus, the Google Assistant is getting a turbo boost with AI too. Oh, and did we mention they’re experimenting with AI that writes articles? The future’s looking AI-tastic!

Final Note

Ready for the future? Google Meet’s AI is your secret weapon, leveling up virtual work like never before. Get hype for the AI revolution and say goodbye to snoozy meetings! Time to ride the tech wave and rock those calls like a pro.

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