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Kidulting: The new mental wellness trend you should know about


The trend of Kidulting has taken the world by storm, allowing adults to recapture the cherished moments of their youth. Whether it involves revisiting the nostalgia of swinging at a local park or engaging in activities typically reserved for children, this viral trend, a fusion of “kid” and “adulting,” has gained traction, offering a refreshing way to reconnect with one’s inner child. While the precise origin of this trend remains elusive, it has gained momentum on social media platforms, particularly since the onset of the pandemic.

What is Kidulting?

Kidulting entails adults immersing themselves in activities originally designed for children. This trend has transcended borders, empowering adults to rediscover their inner child and relive the pure joy of play. Psychologists emphasize that tapping into nostalgia and embracing one’s inner child can have a positive impact on mood and mental well-being. Engaging in Kidulting serves as a conduit for evoking positive, comforting memories of the past while providing a space for uninhibited and imaginative play.

The phenomenon of Kidulting gained substantial attention in 2021 when a Bloomberg survey revealed that a significant number of parents in the United States were purchasing toys for themselves. Initially, the surge was attributed to parents seeking distractions for their children during lockdowns. However, a survey conducted by the U.S. Toy Association found that 58% of adult respondents had acquired toys and games for their own enjoyment, underscoring the prevalence of this trend as a means of self-indulgence and escapism.

How does Kidulting work?

At its core, Kidulting revolves around the rekindling of childhood memories in adulthood. It resonates with adults as they reconnect with the simple pleasures often left behind in the race of growing up—activities like blowing bubbles and swinging in a park. The allure of Kidulting lies in its ability to transport individuals back to carefree times, invoking a sense of nostalgia. It allows adults to fulfill desires they might have had as children but were unable to satisfy at the time.

Psychologists acknowledge the therapeutic merits of Kidulting. Engaging in games and activities from one’s childhood can be soothing and uplifting, offering a respite from the demands of adult responsibilities. This break from the rigors of grown-up life can alleviate anxiety and contribute to overall well-being. For instance, coloring books have been recognized for their therapeutic benefits. Selecting colors, blending shades, and determining a harmonious color palette not only enhances creativity but also provides a respite from the pressures of professional life.

It’s more than mere therapy

Beyond therapy, Kidulting fosters creativity and imagination. It invites adults to partake in imaginative play, such as constructing forts from sheets or embracing vibrant chalks for coloring. These activities stimulate creativity, offering a departure from mundane routines and encouraging individuals to perceive the world with renewed wonder. Kidulting rejuvenates curiosity, reigniting the thirst for knowledge and exploration. As adults engage with childhood activities, they tap into the insatiable curiosity that characterized their younger years.

Kidulting also offers an avenue for balance in life. Introducing elements of play into adult routines can counterbalance the seriousness of responsibilities and work-related pressures. Just as children plan activities upon returning from school, adults can integrate play into their daily schedules. Whether it’s a game of chess or Monopoly, these activities provide a focal point for relaxation and anticipation, ultimately enhancing overall work-life equilibrium.

The Kidulting trend represents more than a fleeting viral phenomenon—it embodies a movement that invites adults to rediscover the joys of childhood. By immersing themselves in activities that evoke nostalgia, spark creativity, and reignite curiosity, adults can find solace and balance in the demands of their daily lives. Kidulting offers a respite from adult concerns, celebrating the simple pleasures that transcend time and bring a sense of fulfillment to the present moment.

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