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Is “Bed Rotting” the New Self-Care Trend, or a Total Vibe Killer?

Bed rotting trend in Gen z

Scrolling through TikTok lately? You might’ve stumbled upon the term “bed rotting.”  It’s all about spending an entire day chilling in bed, like a total cozy coma. Sounds kinda nice, right? Hold up, though, because experts are divided on whether this is a chill self-care move or a recipe for disaster.

Escape from the Doomscroll

Let’s be real, life can be overwhelming. Between the never-ending cost-of-living crisis, the housing struggle, and just general stress, sometimes all you wanna do is bury yourself under the covers and forget everything.  And hey, who can blame you? Curling up in bed with your phone and snacks feels pretty darn tempting.

But is Bed Rotting Good for You?

Experts are kinda iffy on this. Dr. Katrina Ostmeyer, a psychologist, says spending all day in bed doing nothing might hurt your mental health in the long run. Being a human vegetable for too long can make you feel even worse. Dr. Theresa Marko, a physical therapist, chimes in too, saying that being inactive for long periods can mess with your muscles and joints. Not ideal.

Is It Just Another Way of Saying "I'm Burnt Out"?

Hold on, there’s another side to the story. Dr. Jessi Gold, a psychiatrist, points out that “bed rotting” might just be a fancy way of saying you’re exhausted and stressed. Sometimes, sleep is exactly what you need. But here’s the key question: Are you sleeping because you genuinely need rest, or are you using sleep to avoid dealing with your problems? Big difference, fam.

The Verdict?

Listen to your body. If you need a lazy day in bed to recharge, go for it! But don’t make it a habit. If you find yourself constantly wanting to escape to bed-world, it might be a sign of deeper issues like stress or anxiety. Maybe reach out to a friend, therapist, or anyone who can help you deal with what’s going on. Remember, self-care is about feeling good, not just avoiding the world from your cozy cocoon.

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