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Is AI Gonna Mess Up Personalized Fine Dining?


So, we’re diving into the world of super-fancy dining, where everything’s gotta be on point. You got this squad of experts working like a well-oiled machine to give diners an unreal experience from start to finish. Think host, server, food runner, wine expert, and the boss of the dining room – all vibing together to cater to every guest’s whim. When they nail it, you’re feeling like a million bucks, and that’s what it’s all about.

Where does AI come in?

But, hold up, this perfection takes time, and that’s where some folks thought AI could swoop in. Imagine AI handling the boring stuff, freeing up the crew to go all out on the food and service. But yo, here’s the deal: could AI wreck the age-old traditions that’ve been running the show forever? How AI and the classy food scene collide is still up for debate, depending on who you ask.

Meet Chef Jenny Dorsey, the brain behind Studio ATAO, a place mixing hospitality and being woke. She’s peeped that restaurants, especially the fancy ones, aren’t too quick to embrace tech. The whole industry’s about humans, and Jenny’s like, “Is AI really better than us, and is it even worth the trouble to switch?”

But check it – some joints are already dabbling in AI. They’re using it to track their goods, predict sales, and sort out everyday tasks. There’s this AI trick called FoodDocs, whipped up by Katrin Liivat. It’s helping eateries stay in line with food safety rules without driving anyone nuts. Like, it drops reminders and tracks data like a pro, cutting down the safety grind by 20%. Liivat’s all about letting the crew shine by ditching the boring stuff.

How does AI work here?

Now, peep this cool AI move: customized menus and wine picks, tailor-made for each customer. Fancy spots are already doing it, but usually, it’s a human hustle. At this one joint, chefs were getting the scoop on customers, so they could chat them up just right. Jenny’s dreaming of AI doing this gig without skipping a beat, giving diners that special feel. It’s not full AI menus yet, but AI could totally tweak dishes based on what you’re not into, no need for extra requests.

Chef Richard Blais from Four Flamingos in Orlando is all about this. He’s feeling how AI can read peeps and know what they want before they even know. But hold up, could AI get all up in your personal business? Picture this: AI booking stuff digging through your socials, your diet deets, and your vibes. That’s got Eric Ripert, the chef from Le Bernardin, shook. He’s like, “Nah, AI’s too nosy, human connections all the way.”

But yo, the AI train doesn’t stop there. We’re talking face recognition, the stuff casinos use? Might slide into restaurants, too. Convenience? Yeah. Privacy drama? Definitely. And let’s get real about the chef game. AI might be clutch for tasks and giving ideas, but chefs ain’t fearing for their jobs. Chef Richard Blais sees AI as an assistant manager or handling the marketing hustle. Nikhil Abraham, the boss of CloudChef, an AI startup for cooking, he’s thinking AI could pimp out Michelin-star recipes, making them global sensations.

But some skills are irreplaceable

But listen up – chefs’ skills ain’t replaceable. AI can gather info, but it can’t bring that human magic, the feel, and the finesse. AI’s recipes? Just remixes of what’s out there. Real creativity comes from humans, no contest.

Bottom line: AI’s a tool, not the main act. Everyone’s saying it won’t kill the vibe that makes top-tier grub what it is. As Nikhil puts it, AI’s chasing after our creativity, but we’re always a step ahead, having those unforgettable experiences AI can’t touch.

So, AI and gourmet goodness? It’s a wild ride of possibilities and worries. In the future, AI might totally find its groove in restaurants, boosting some things while letting that human flavor shine – and that’s what’s up.

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