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The Old Money Aesthetic: The New Celebrity endorsement

New trend: Old money aesthetics

What is Old Money Aesthetic?

The “old money” aesthetic trend is gaining popularity among celebrities and influencers. This trend is characterized by a classic and elegant style reminiscent of the lifestyles of the wealthy elite from earlier generations.

Here are some ways celebrities might endorse or embrace the old money aesthetic trend:


Celebrities may adopt classic and timeless clothing styles that exude luxury and sophistication. This could include tailored suits, high-quality fabrics, vintage pieces, and elegant accessories like pearls or classic timepieces. Embracing heritage brands and designers known for their timeless designs may also be a part of this aesthetic.


Celebrities might showcase a luxurious and refined lifestyle on social media or in the public eye. This could include sharing images of extravagant vacations, elegant dinner parties, and high-end experiences, giving their followers a glimpse into the world of the “old money” elite.

Interior Design: 

The old money aesthetic often extends to home decor, with an emphasis on classic and opulent furnishings, rich fabrics, antiques, and traditional art pieces. Celebrities might showcase their elegant homes, featuring vintage elements and a sense of history.

Social Events: 

Endorsing the old money aesthetic trend could involve hosting or attending high-profile charity galas, exclusive events, and gatherings that exude an air of prestige and refinement.


Embracing the old money aesthetic may also include involvement in philanthropic causes. Many old money families have a long history of supporting charitable organizations and cultural institutions, and celebrities might align themselves with similar causes to reinforce the connection.

Elegance and Grace: 

Adopting a refined and polished demeanor in public interactions is another way celebrities might endorse this trend. This could involve promoting manners, etiquette, and poise reminiscent of a more formal and traditional era.

It’s important to note that trends can evolve quickly, and new styles and aesthetics may have emerged since my last update. The “old money” aesthetic may continue to evolve or be replaced by other trends in the world of fashion and lifestyle.

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