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India Faces a Surge in AI Job Opportunities with Entry-Level Salaries up to Rs 14 Lakh: Report

India faces a surge in AI tech jobs

A recent report by TeamLease Digital unveils a significant surge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) job opportunities in India, with a current count of 45,000 open positions. Freshers entering the AI domain can expect annual salaries ranging from Rs 10 to 14 lakhs. The study highlights the diverse sectors witnessing demand for AI professionals, including healthcare, education, banking, manufacturing, and retail, reflecting the widespread integration of AI technologies.

The most sought-after careers in AI, as per the report, include Data Scientists and ML Engineers. Upskilling is emphasized as crucial, given the industry’s continuous growth. Proficiency in scripting languages and the ability to build scalable ML applications are identified as essential skills for aspiring AI professionals.

The expected salaries for freshers in various AI roles are outlined by the report:

  • Data Engineers: Up to Rs 14 lakhs per annum
  • ML Engineers: Up to Rs 10 lakhs
  • Data Scientists: Up to Rs 14 lakhs
  • DevOps Engineers: Up to Rs 12 lakhs
  • Data Architects: Up to Rs 12 lakhs
  • BI Analysts: Up to Rs 14 lakhs
  • Database Administrators: Up to Rs 12 lakhs
  • Experienced candidates with eight years in similar fields can command higher salaries, ranging from Rs 25 to 45 lakhs per annum.

The report underscores the growing importance of upskilling in AI for career growth and employability in today’s dynamic job market. With automation and AI reshaping industries, individuals equipped with AI skills gain a competitive edge, access higher-paying opportunities, and enhance adaptability in an evolving job landscape.

A survey conducted by TeamLease Digital reveals organizational initiatives to bridge the AI talent gap. Thirty-seven percent of organizations prioritize providing employees with relevant tools for building an AI-ready workforce, while 30 percent mandate AI learning initiatives to tap into hidden talents. A majority (56%) of organizations are actively undertaking initiatives to address the AI demand-supply talent gap, aligning with the sentiments of the workforce.

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