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What is Tech Shame and Why is Gen Z’s Struggling with it?

The Tech Shame Trap: Gen Z's Struggle with Older Technology

Hey Gen Z, imagine acing the tech game but hitting a roadblock with ancient office tools! Yep, the struggle is real. From sleek gadgets to clunky printers, it’s a wild ride. Feeling a bit lost? You’re not alone.

Defining Tech Shame

Tech shame, a term coined by HP, captures the feeling of being overwhelmed when young workers grapple with basic office tech. The Guardian reports that one in five young office employees feels judged for tech struggles, discouraging them from seeking help. A LaSalle Agency survey reveals that nearly half of the class of 2022 feels underprepared for the technical skills demanded in the workforce.

Impact on Gen Z

Tech shame isn’t exclusive to any age group, but it’s a unique challenge for Gen Z. The assumption that they effortlessly navigate all tech due to their upbringing creates added pressure. They may excel in smartphone editing and website builders but find older office tech less intuitive.

The Desktop Dilemma

Gen Z’s tech upbringing revolves around user-friendly apps, but office life demands familiarity with desktop computing – a less intuitive realm. Tasks like file management, scanning, and using external hardware become hurdles. The Guardian notes that turning on a computer monitor might baffle them, having grown accustomed to merely shutting personal laptops.

Addressing the Tech Gap

The workplace must bridge this tech generation gap to foster inclusion and support. Tech shame, causing embarrassment and isolation, shouldn’t hinder the confidence of young employees. Instead, organizations can offer training, create a supportive environment, and recognize that expertise in one tech aspect doesn’t translate to proficiency in all.


Gen Z, in a tech-driven world, it’s not about pointing fingers; it’s about leveling up! Acknowledge the tech hiccups, bridge the gaps, and conquer the professional tech realm. Let’s make the workplace a tech-savvy playground, not a battleground!

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