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How to Enjoy Coffee and Tea Without Ruining Your Health?

coffee and tea without milk benefits

Ever chug a coffee or tea just to survive the day?  Same. But is this delicious habit a health hazard? I investigated, and guess what? It’s not all doom and gloom! Let’s spill the tea on caffeine!

The Lowdown on Caffeine

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), those little pick-me-ups are packed with caffeine, which can make our bodies kinda dependent on it.  One small cup of coffee (around 150ml) has 80-120mg of caffeine, while instant coffee is a bit lighter at 50-65mg. Tea is the chill one of the bunches, with 30-65mg per cup. The ICMR recommends keeping your daily caffeine intake below 300mg, so basically, don’t go overboard!

Hold Up, My Iron Absorption?

Here’s the real shocker: the ICMR report says the tannin in tea and coffee can mess with how our bodies absorb iron. This is especially important for people who menstruate since iron is a big deal. To avoid this, skip the tea or coffee for at least an hour before and after meals.

But Wait, There's More!

Dr. Ashwini Setya, a super cool gastroenterologist, says that tea and coffee, in moderation, can be good for us! Tea has these things called theobromine and theophylline, which help relax muscles and might even make breathing easier. Coffee might also help reduce the risk of liver scarring and even cancer (but more research is needed, FYI).

How Much is Too Much?

Dr. Setya agrees with the ICMR about that whole one-hour coffee/tea break before or after meals. It’s all about keeping that iron absorption on point.  The key is moderation, especially for us Indians who practically live on chai. Since milk in tea can make tannin worse for iron absorption, maybe try skipping the milk sometimes. Green tea is another good option!

The Bottom Line

So, gotta love your coffee or tea, but keep it chill! Don’t overdo it, listen to your body’s whispers (or screams for sleep!), and your gut will thank you. Now go enjoy that delicious cuppa!

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