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How Amazon’s Secret Algorithm Is Making Everything More Expensive?

How Amazon's Secret Algorithm Is Making Everything More Expensive?

In a high-stakes legal clash with the FTC, e-commerce titan Amazon revealed its covert ace, “Project Nessie.” This enigmatic algorithm, hidden from public view, reportedly turbocharged Amazon’s revenue by a jaw-dropping $1 billion. The burning question: How did it work its magic?

Disruptive Manipulation: Project Nessie's Impact on E-commerce

In a shocking revelation, Amazon’s Project Nessie algorithm wreaked havoc in the e-commerce arena by surreptitiously tampering with competitors’ pricing strategies. This unscrupulous tactic not only propelled Amazon to astronomical profits but also coerced rivals into adopting higher prices, thereby undermining healthy market dynamics.

Although Amazon discontinued Project Nessie in 2019, the fallout persists, with the FTC alleging its adverse effects on market competition and discouragement of competitive pricing.

The Bigger Picture

This case isn’t just about Amazon; it highlights a broader issue. Dominant online companies can manipulate prices upward without facing consequences. Amazon’s algorithmic tactics reveal the hidden dangers of pricing algorithms, an underreported issue with far-reaching consequences.

The Call for Transparency

The FTC is pushing for transparency and accountability in pricing algorithms. It’s time for regulators and policymakers to address this growing concern, ensuring that consumers are protected in the digital marketplace.

Gen Z: Guardians of Fair Commerce

As Gen Z, your tech-savvy prowess and market awareness make you a pivotal force. Embracing transparency and demanding corporate responsibility, you wield the power to reshape the digital landscape. Beyond the convenience of online shopping, this case unveils a world of algorithms and manipulation. Let’s unravel it together and ignite a fairer digital future for all consumers.

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