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Hidden Carbon in Rocks Matches Volcanic Emissions

Rocking the Climate: Hidden Carbon in Rocks Matches Volcanic Emissions

In a stunning twist, a groundbreaking Oxford study challenges our beliefs about Earth’s rocks. Contrary to being a CO2 sink, they’re revealed as potent CO2 sources, competing with volcanoes. Published in Nature, this discovery could reshape our climate change predictions, unveiling hidden surprises within our planet’s rocky embrace.

Unearthed Mystery: How Do Rocks Affect CO2 Levels?

Rock weathering, a slow process of rocks breaking down through exposure to elements like water and air, plays a role in Earth’s natural carbon cycle. Rocks hold ancient carbon from plants and animals. When weathered, this carbon interacts with oxygen, releasing CO2.

The study’s shocker? Rocks emit CO2 on par with global volcanoes, challenging our understanding of carbon cycles. So, how do rocks become unexpected players in climate change?

Climate Change Unveiled: What's at Stake?

The study’s implications are profound for climate change modeling. Previously seen as a CO2 sink, rock weathering is now revealed as a potential CO2 source, challenging our understanding of the global carbon cycle. But what does this mean for us?

It underscores the urgency of understanding natural processes and taking action against climate change. So, what can we do? Embrace renewable energy, opt for electric vehicles, and make sustainable lifestyle choices to reduce our carbon footprint. How can lead the way in climate action?

Charting a Greener Future: Your Role in Climate Action

This groundbreaking study redefines our grasp of the global carbon cycle and climate change. Its wake-up call emphasizes the urgency of taking action to curb our carbon footprint.

Transitioning to renewable energy sources and adopting eco-friendly lifestyles are the keys to safeguarding our planet for generations to come. Gen Z, you hold the power to shape a sustainable future—let’s embrace it together and pave the way for a greener, brighter tomorrow.

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