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Are we ageing like Milk or are we victim of lifestyle choices?

Is Gen Z ageing gracefully?

In the era of endless scrolling, vaping, alcohol, and stress, We, the Gen Z finds itself under the scrutiny of social media, with claims that we are “ageing like milk.” This peculiar metaphor gained traction when influencer Jordan Howlett, boasting 7 million Instagram followers, shared his experience of being mistaken for his own mother’s older brother due to his mature appearance.

The potential factors

While social media debates the authenticity of this observation, experts weigh in on potential factors contributing to our perceived accelerated ageing. Dermatologist Dr. Parineeta Maria suggests that the abundance of skincare products, influenced by social media trends, may lead to premature ageing. Dr. Tushar Tayal, an internal medicine consultant, emphasizes the negative impact of excessive bodybuilding practices, steroids, and hormones on long-term health.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices also play a role, with early engagement in alcohol, vaping, and recreational drugs leading to precocious puberty and metabolic issues. Poor dietary habits, marked by increased consumption of processed foods and reliance on food delivery apps, contribute to health problems like polycystic ovary disease (PCOD) and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), signifying hormonal imbalances and early ageing.

The stress epidemic among us, as evidenced by a 2020 APA stress survey, further amplifies concerns about early ageing. Holistic trauma therapist Akanksha Chandele notes that stress can significantly impact physical health and attributes the high stress levels in Gen Z to the lack of a robust support system and the pressure imposed by social media.

Comparatively, millennials seem to have benefited from a simpler childhood with home-cooked meals, less pollution, and a more favorable lifestyle. Dr. Maria suggests that these factors contribute to the apparent youthful appearance of millennials.

Let’s buck up

As a Gen Zer, it’s challenging to concede, but the convergence of these factors suggests that our generation might indeed be grappling with the consequences of our choices, raising questions about whether we are truly “ageing like milk.” The ongoing discourse prompts reflection on the long-term impact of contemporary habits and societal pressures on the health and appearance of the youngest generation.

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