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Gen Z’s Top Full-Circle Priorities in 2024

Gen Z priorities for 2024

A recent global survey conducted by Instagram sheds light on the aspirations and preferences of Generation Z (Gen Z) individuals, primarily those in their 20s, across the US, the UK, Brazil, India, and South Korea. The findings highlight key trends, with Gen Zers prioritizing health, careers, and travel for 2024, while showcasing a distinctive focus on self-improvement, especially among the youth in India.

Interesting results of the survey

In India, Gen Z’s emphasis on careers and entrepreneurial pursuits stands out prominently. A substantial number view starting their own businesses as the optimal path to wealth creation, demonstrating a robust commitment to professional growth. Notably, 43% express a collective hope for 2024 to be a period of self-improvement, dedicating resources to personal development.

The survey unveils Gen Z’s influence on pop culture trends in India, notably in the realms of food, fashion, and beauty, primarily driven by their close ties to digital media. Their culinary interests span from ayurvedic ingredients to vegan products, reflecting a curiosity for diverse foods. Staying healthy, exploring career paths, and travel rank as their top priorities for the year.

Clear focus

Unlike their global counterparts, Indian Gen Zers exhibit an intensified focus on career pursuits. A significant portion is inclined towards trying new trends, embracing creative ideas, and expressing themselves through DIY fashion. A noteworthy 44% express interest in DIY fashion, showcasing a desire for unique and personalized style.

In the entertainment sphere, Gen Zers in India align themselves with various fandoms, ranging from music groups like BTS and individual artists like AR Rahman and Shreya Ghoshal to gaming platforms like Minecraft and Fortnite. They also display a high affinity for sports, with strong affiliations towards the Indian cricket team and IPL teams such as Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings, as well as international football teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Across the board, Gen Zers globally and in India seek relatability in content, emphasizing a preference for life advice, ‘day-in-the-life-of’ narratives, and profession-related content. Paras Sharma, Director and Head of Content and Community Partnerships at Meta, notes that the practical approach of Gen Z reflects a shared aspiration for self-growth in 2024, emphasizing a collective commitment to intentional personal development.

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