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Gen Z’s Top 4 Trends for Saving the Planet from Doom!

Gen Z's Top 4 Trends Saving the Planet from Doom!

In 2023, raging wildfires wiped out Canada’s eco-goals, but don’t hit panic mode just yet! The silver lining? A whopping $700 billion swayed towards renewable energy globally, outshining fossil fuels. Let’s dive into how the world’s flipping the script, embracing eco-smart moves despite nature’s curveballs.

AI's Role in Energizing Renewables

The surge in funding for renewables, electric vehicle charging stations, and heat pumps brings challenges in managing complex electricity grids. AI emerges as a game-changer, with over 50 potential uses in the energy sector. From demand forecasting to grid management, AI promises improved efficiency, fostering a greener future.

'Unplanning' for Sustainable Cities

Breaking away from traditional city planning, a seismic shift towards denser, more sustainable urban regions gains momentum. Governments worldwide, inspired by the success of initiatives like Canada’s federal “housing accelerator” grants, are embracing up-zoning and rule relaxations. The aim? Affordable housing and reduced carbon footprints.

Rediscovering Architectural Wisdom

In a surprising turn, architects revisit age-old designs, particularly single-staircase structures. Abandoning safety concerns, some believe this approach could offer better ventilation, improved space utilization, and family-friendly layouts. California leads the charge in reforming building codes, embracing innovative designs for a low-carbon future.

Geothermal Energy's Potential Breakout

As countries invest in harnessing the earth’s heat, geothermal energy sees a potential breakthrough in 2024. Policies like tax credits and loans stimulate the residential geothermal market. Projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan hint at Canada’s growing interest, with ventures like Deep Corp. using spent oil and gas wells for geothermal access.

Embracing Change for a Greener Tomorrow

Facing climate hurdles head-on, these trends are our green superheroes! AI smarts, city makeovers, cool designs, and geothermal magic reveal our Earth-saving game plan. Get ready for 2024, where a sustainable future isn’t just a dream but a reality!

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