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Gen Z Says Forget FOMO, It’s ‘Menu Anxiety’ You Should Fear

Gen Z Says Forget FOMO, It's 'Menu Anxiety' You Should Fear

Breaking news from the dining scene! Gen Z is battling a fierce foe – ‘menu anxiety.’ A whopping 86% are feeling the heat, revealing the real struggles of our young foodies in the restaurant jungle. Let’s dig into this culinary conundrum!

Triggered by Cost and Choices

Menu anxiety is primarily triggered by the cost of the meal, the struggle to find something appealing on the menu, and the fear of regretting their choice. Millennials, too, contribute to this trend, with over a third expressing discomfort when faced with an overwhelming number of menu options.

Preparation is Key: Menu Scoping and Social Media Influence

A striking 38% of Gen Z and millennials admit they wouldn’t venture into a restaurant without perusing the menu beforehand. For a third of Gen Zers, the anxiety runs so deep that they rely on others to place their orders. The fear of mispronouncing menu items is another stressor for nearly half of 25 to 34-year-olds.

Social Media's Grip on Gen Z: From Dining Decisions to Mental Health

In the realm of dining, Gen Z dances to the tune of social media. A third of 25 to 34-year-olds select menu items based on Instagram or TikTok allure, driven by a desire for an aesthetically pleasing experience. Yet, the performative culture of social platforms contributes to rising anxiety and depression, affecting creativity and future outlooks. 

Even in fast-food trends, Gen Z’s penchant for takeout and group dining is heavily influenced by influencers, showcasing the profound impact of social media on their culinary choices.


As Gen Z battles menu anxiety and the social media storm, the dining game is changing. Restaurants, gear up! It’s time to vibe with Gen Z’s groove, serving up an experience that blends tasty bites with Insta-worthy vibes. Evolution is on the menu!

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