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Gen Z in the Workforce: Are We Really Unprepared for Work?

Gen Z in the Workforce: Are They Really Unprepared for Work?

Are Gen Zers lazy or entitled to question the traditional 9-5 job structure? Experts say it’s more about having different priorities. According to labor force expert John Frehse, Gen Z enjoys financial freedom due to delayed milestones like marriage and homeownership.

Job Flexibility vs. Corporate Norms:

Gen Z values job flexibility, often opting for roles that align with their lifestyle choices. This inclination towards the gig economy or frequent job changes reflects their desire for autonomy. However, this trend unsettles employers who traditionally prioritize stability, sparking concerns about workforce continuity and commitment in the evolving professional landscape.

Generational Misconceptions:

Culture expert Jessica Kriegel believes that despite perceived differences, older and younger generations are more alike than they think. Social media amplifies misconceptions, fostering an ‘us versus them’ mentality. Kriegel emphasizes the need to break free from generational stereotypes.

The Job-Hopping Trend:

Contrary to popular belief, the job-hopping trend isn’t exclusive to Gen Z. Kriegel argues that it’s more of a life-stage issue than a generational problem. Young people often explore various careers before finding the right fit, while older generations, closer to retirement, have more financial incentives to stay put.

Navigating Interviews Successfully:

A 2023 survey revealed that over half of employers believed Gen Zers were unprepared for the workforce. Criticisms included failure to maintain eye contact, asking for unreasonable compensation, and inappropriate dressing. Kriegel suggests Gen Zers can overcome biases by conforming to corporate expectations during interviews.

Strategies for Success in Corporate America:

For Gen Zers aspiring to thrive in traditional jobs, Kriegel advises adjusting how they present themselves. While it may mean compromising authenticity, understanding and adapting to corporate expectations can make a positive impression.


As Gen Z navigates the ever-evolving workforce, understanding their unique priorities and debunking misconceptions becomes crucial. By breaking free from generational stereotypes and adapting to corporate norms, Gen Zers can carve a successful path in the professional world.

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