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Forget the GPA! How to Pick a College That Gets You a Job

How to pick a college

Finding the right college can feel like picking a winning outfit for the first day of school – gotta get the vibe right, you know? Forget just grades, though. My crew and I are looking for a college that gets us, that prepares us for the future, and, well, that’s pretty lit. Here’s the lowdown on what matters to Gen Z when it comes to picking a college:

#SquadGoals: It's All About the Community

We’re not just about textbooks, people. We want a college that feels like a family – a place that’s inclusive, supportive, and lets us grow in ALL ways, not just academically. Think clubs, activities, mentors – the whole package! A place where we can be ourselves and chase our dreams, with people who have our backs.

#CareerGoals: From Class to Cash

Yeah, learning’s cool, but let’s be real, college should also set us up for a killer career, right? We’re talking internships, hands-on projects, stuff that gives us real-world skills employers want. Nobody wants to graduate with a degree that collects dust, you feel?

#GlobalCitizens: Think Global, Act Local

Diversity rocks! We want a college that celebrates all kinds of people, backgrounds, and ideas. No room for hate here. Plus, social issues are a HUGE deal for Gen Z. We want a college that shares our passion for making a difference, whether it’s volunteering, tackling social justice issues, or just being good peeps in our communities.

#TechLife: We Speak Tech

Duh, we’re Gen Z! Tech is our second language. We want colleges that are just as tech-savvy, using cool new tools to make learning awesome. Online options, advanced tech in the classroom, that kind of thing. A college that gets how we learn and communicate in the 21st century.

So, what's the verdict?

The future is ours, and Gen Z is here to change the game. We’re looking for colleges that evolve with us, that prioritize inclusivity, practical learning, and, of course, a killer Wi-Fi connection.  The college that gets this, well, that’s the one that gets our like.

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