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TikTok’s Hopecore Trend: A Beacon of Positivity in Uncertain Times

positivity of hopecore trend

What is ‘Hopecore’?

TikTok’s latest trend, dubbed “hopecore,” is making waves with its uplifting messages and optimistic ethos. The trend involves curating videos centered around fostering positivity, self-care, and finding hope amidst life’s challenges. India Black, a prominent contributor to the hopecore movement, describes it as a celebration of both the mundane and extraordinary aspects of life, urging viewers to focus on the positive amidst the chaos.

Louisa McGillicuddy, TikTok’s trends lead, explains that hopecore content typically features motivational quotes, illustrations, poetry, and screenshots presented in a scrapbook-style format. While the trend primarily utilizes TikTok’s photo mode feature for static image-led slideshows, some creators incorporate dynamic elements such as running footage paired with inspirational audio clips.

Why is it trending?

The hopecore trend has gained significant traction in recent weeks, with an increasing number of creators joining the movement. McGillicuddy highlights the exponential growth of hopecore content on TikTok, surpassing other popular aesthetic trends. The trend’s popularity can be attributed to its universal appeal amid global uncertainties and heightened stress levels. Viewers engage with hopecore videos by saving them for later use as uplifting affirmations, indicating a demand for comforting and soft motivational content.

According to Black, hopecore content fills a crucial void in today’s digitally saturated world by encouraging viewers to reconnect with the beauty around them. As society grapples with increased social media usage and detachment from reality, hopecore offers a remedy by inspiring hope and promoting mindfulness. Black emphasizes the importance of curating social media feeds with content that sparks joy and rekindles a sense of optimism.

In essence, TikTok’s hopecore trend serves as a beacon of positivity amidst turbulent times, resonating with audiences seeking solace and encouragement. By embracing messages of kindness, resilience, and gratitude, hopecore creators aim to uplift spirits and foster a sense of community in the digital realm. As the trend continues to flourish, it exemplifies the transformative power of optimism in shaping online discourse and nurturing collective well-being.

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