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Explore the Route to Net Zero with Supercritical: Meet CEO Michelle You

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Meet the CEO of Supercritical, Michelle You

As the co-founder and CEO of Supercritical, a trusted marketplace for carbon removal, Michelle You is a leading figure in the UK’s climate tech space. Her expertise in the field is underlined by her tenure as a venture partner at LocalGlobe, where she focused on climate investments, and her current membership in the TechZero task force.

With a successful background in entrepreneurship, Michelle co-founded Songkick, an online music platform that grew to over 20 million monthly unique users. She secured investment from leading venture capital firms such as Y Combinator, Index Ventures, and Sequoia, before ultimately selling the business to Warner Music Group in 2017. Today, Michelle applies her entrepreneurial spirit and climate advocacy to drive Supercritical’s mission to build a more sustainable future.

Supercritical: Paving the Way to Net Zero

The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time, posing a real threat to our planet’s future. By removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the company aims to prevent the catastrophic effects of climate change.

At the core of Supercritical’s vision is to remove 500 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere – and then some. To achieve this, the company is dedicated to providing support to tech companies who share their goal of reaching net zero.

How does Supercritical Help Tech Startups Reduce their Carbon Footprint?

Supercritical’s software enables tech startups to measure and monitor their carbon emissions. A carbon reduction plan is then put into place, enabling companies to make informed decisions about reducing their carbon footprint. Through strategic partnerships, Supercritical is also able to provide early-stage carbon removal offsets, such as direct air capture technology, to help companies take substantive action towards net zero goals.

Taking Action to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Supercritical has implemented various climate policies to effectively reduce its carbon footprint:

  • Veggie-only food: Supercritical reduced 5 tonnes from its 2022 carbon footprint by imposing a vegetarian-only food policy after reviewing its carbon footprint in 2021.

  • Informal business travel policy: Supercritical implemented a policy favoring train travel for journeys under 6 hours, including their recent offsite trip to Edinburgh.

  • Renewable electricity for office space: Supercritical prioritizes office spaces with renewable electricity, although one current location still relies on non-renewable energy. The company is dedicated to resolving this in the coming year.

  • Employee home energy efficiency improvement: Supercritical gave home improvement kits to employees to boost their energy efficiency, including secondary glazing sheets, radiator reflectors, and draft excluders.

Driving Sustainability: Michelle You and Supercritical Leading the Way

Companies across industries are setting ambitious net-zero emissions targets, but the path to achieving them is far from straightforward.

Stepping up to address these challenges is Michelle You, the co-founder and CEO of Supercritical. With a clear mission in mind, You is leading her company in assisting organizations to better measure, reduce, and remove carbon emissions from their operations.

You’s vision and dedication are driving Supercritical to assist companies in achieving their sustainability goals and drive meaningful change towards a greener future.

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