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Eco Oscars: Prestigious Earthshot Prizes announced – Winners Inside

Indian among Earthshot prize winners

The prestigious Earthshot Prize, known as the ‘Eco Oscars,’ announced its five winners, including two with Indian connections. S4S Technologies, founded by seven university friends in India, won the “Earthshot Prize to Build a Waste-Free World” category, while Boomitra, founded by Indian-American Aadith Moorthy, received the award in the “Fix our climate” category. These awards, each carrying a GBP 1 million prize, aim to support and scale innovative solutions for environmental challenges.

The Winners

S4S Technologies is dedicated to addressing food waste, rural poverty, and gender inequality in India. They empower smallholder female farmers with solar-powered conduction dryers and food processing equipment, enabling them to preserve surplus produce and create valuable food products like ketchup. This initiative has led to increased profits for female farmers and boosted the incomes of partnering female entrepreneurs.

Boomitra, meaning “friend of the earth” in Sanskrit, focuses on incentivizing soil restoration and regenerative agriculture to reduce emissions and enhance farmer profits. The company collaborates with over 150,000 farmers across Africa, South America, and Asia, using satellites and AI technology to monitor soil improvements and carbon storage over time.

The other Earthshot Prize winners include Accion Andina, a community initiative in South America working to protect native high Andean forest ecosystems, Hong Kong-based GRST, recognized for their development of lithium-ion battery recycling, and the global non-profit organization WildAid Marine Programme, acknowledged for its efforts to end illegal fishing and strengthen ocean conservation.

These initiatives span the globe, supporting local communities and protecting the environment across six continents. They represent innovative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in sustainability and climate change. Prince William, the Founder and President of The Earthshot Prize, emphasized the importance of these initiatives in the face of growing climate concerns, highlighting the resilience, hope, and ability to inspire change that these projects embody.

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