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Dino Demise Solved: What Really Wiped Them Out?

Dino Demise Solved: What Really Wiped Them Out?

Picture Earth 66 million years ago: chaos reigned as two epic catastrophes clashed, setting the stage for one of the most colossal mass extinctions in our planet’s history. Buckle up, because this is a story of Earth’s wild past you won’t want to miss!

Volcanoes and the Yucatán Asteroid: A Lethal Combo

In ancient India, the Deccan Traps erupted relentlessly, spewing greenhouse gases and toxic fumes into the atmosphere over a million years. Meanwhile, an asteroid the size of Mount Everest struck the Yucatán Peninsula, triggering tsunamis, earthquakes, and fireball storms worldwide. These dual catastrophes filled the air with sulfur, carbon dioxide, and dust, causing tumultuous temperature fluctuations and sealing the fate of most dinosaurs.

Volcanoes or Asteroids - The Timing and Tech Challenge

In the scientific arena, a fierce debate rages on: Did the volcanic eruptions or the asteroid impact deal the fatal blow to the dinosaurs? The crux of the matter lies in timing, with the asteroid striking 66 million years ago and the Deccan Traps awakening 300,000 years prior. Researchers at Dartmouth College turned to cutting-edge technology, employing a machine learning model that scrutinized over 300,000 emission scenarios and analyzed fossil records for clues, shedding new light on this prehistoric mystery.

Did the Asteroid Have a Lesser Role?

In a surprising twist, the computer model’s best-fit scenario fingers the volcanic eruptions as the main culprits behind the dinosaur extinction. Trillions of tons of carbon dioxide and sulfur released by these volcanic outbursts are thought to have caused the climatic shifts responsible for the dinosaurs’ demise while suggesting a comparatively smaller role for the asteroid impact. However, skeptics argue that the asteroid’s effects, especially on shorter timescales, might still be underestimated, keeping the debate alive.

Conclusion: A Prehistoric Puzzle

The debate rages on, but here’s the thrilling truth: Earth’s past is a treasure trove of enigmas begging to be cracked. Volcanoes, asteroids, or a cosmic combo – the dinosaurs’ destiny is an electrifying mystery that science is itching to decode. Stay curious, Gen Z, for the adventure continues!

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