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‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Trailer Views Explode to 365M, Crushing All-Time Record

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Marvel Studios’ highly-anticipated threequel, Deadpool & Wolverine, has broken records with its first trailer release. The trailer, premiered during a Super Bowl ad, garnered an astonishing 365 million views within just 24 hours. This makes it the most-watched movie trailer in history, as confirmed by Marvel and their parent company Disney. This impressive view count includes views during the Super Bowl broadcast, which reached a record-breaking 123 million viewers.

Record-breaking Response

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, the highly-anticipated summer blockbuster Deadpool & Wolverine is being directed by Shawn Levy. Despite facing a production delay due to last year’s SAG-AFTRA strike, Reynolds and Levy have remained determined to stick to their original release date of July 26 in North America.

The overwhelmingly positive response to the recently released trailer comes as a welcome success for Kevin Feige’s Marvel, which has experienced a decline in both popularity and financial success in recent times. Additionally, like its competitors, Marvel is grappling with the challenge of superhero fatigue among moviegoers. Previously, the record for the most-watched movie trailer was held by Spider-Man: No Way Home, which gained 355 million views upon its release in August 2021.

Deadpool & Wolverine Sets the Stage for Studio Revival

Marvel Studios is placing high hopes on Deadpool & Wolverine as they aim to revive the studio’s success. The upcoming film will mark Marvel’s first venture into an R-rated movie and the first to feature a lead hero who previously appeared in films produced by 20th Century Fox.

Following Disney and Marvel’s acquisition of Fox in 2019, they gained the rights to characters like the X-Men and the beloved anti-hero, Deadpool. The 2016 release of the original Deadpool movie was a pivotal moment for the superhero genre, introducing an unparalleled comedic and irreverent tone that broke away from the typical superhero narrative. The film also propelled Ryan Reynolds to new heights as an actor, producer, and even marketer.

Both the original and its 2018 sequel were major successes for Fox, becoming the highest-grossing films in the entire X-Men franchise. The star-studded cast of Deadpool & Wolverine includes Reynolds, Emma Corrin, Matthew Macfadyen, and even Hugh Jackman, who is reprising his role as Wolverine after initially retiring the character with 2017’s Logan.

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