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Could Disney’s Sale to Apple Be a Possibility?

Disney sale to Apple

Apple’s Potential Acquisition of Disney

Recently, there has been talk about the possibility of Apple acquiring Disney, a deal that could potentially disrupt the entertainment industry. Despite skepticism from top executives and concerns about regulatory approval, the idea continues to be discussed. Some argue that Apple has no interest in purchasing a studio, while others believe that such a large-scale deal would not gain approval from the government. However, this speculation arises as Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, stated in an interview that Disney’s traditional television networks may not be considered core to the company’s business.

But this observer wasn’t so quick to rule it out. “I don’t think [Apple] would buy the company as it presently exists,” he said. “But if you see Bob start to divest things … that feels like he’s prepping for a sale. And there’s clearly no buyer like Apple.”

Shortly thereafter, Iger made an appearance on television and subtly hinted at the potential sale of Disney’s TV enterprises. And there, the vision of a streamlined Disney that could attract potential buyers started to take shape.

Forging Ties and Exploring Possibilities

Among potential buyers, Apple stands out significantly, with a substantial cash reserve of $62 billion and a staggering market capitalization of $2.8 trillion. While Apple’s inclination towards purchasing a studio might be questionable, the prospect of acquiring this particular studio arises – the one which, despite current challenges, possesses a treasury of invaluable intellectual property and maintains its status as the entertainment industry’s most esteemed brand.

A “special bond” has existed between Disney and Apple: Steve Jobs held a position on Disney’s board of directors starting in 2006 until his passing in 2011. Following Jobs’ demise, Iger became a member of Apple’s board not long after. However, he stepped down from this role on September 10, 2019, coinciding with Apple’s formal declaration of its entry into the content realm with the launch of Apple TV+.

For years, one person has contemplated a potential collaboration between Apple and Disney. Expounding on this notion, Iger dedicated considerable portions of his 2019 memoir, “The Ride of a Lifetime,” to his close relationship with Steve Jobs. Jobs, known for his instrumental role in funding and co-founding Pixar, which Disney acquired in 2006, shared a strong bond with Iger. Before the advent of the pandemic and his subsequent return from retirement to navigate Disney through substantial challenges, Iger wrote, “I believe that if Steve were still alive, we would have combined our companies, or at least discussed the possibility very seriously.”

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