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Apple Vision Pro: The Ultimate VR Experience

Image Source, Rights & Credit: Apple

Apple has finally unveiled its long-awaited VR headset, the Vision Pro, at its WWDC 2023 event. The Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset that blends immersive virtual reality with augmented reality features, creating a stunning and seamless experience for users. Here are some of the amazing features of the Vision Pro and its new operating system, visionOS.

Dual M2 and R1 chipsets

The Vision Pro is powered by two of Apple’s own processors, the M2 and the R1. The M2 handles the regular software and apps, executes advanced computer vision algorithms, and delivers stunning graphics. While the brand new R1 chip is dedicated to XR capabilities, such as tracking, rendering, and spatial audio. Streaming images to the displays within 12 milliseconds — for a virtually lag-free, real-time view. The dual-chip setup ensures smooth performance and high-quality graphics for both VR and AR modes.

23 million pixels, More than a 4K TV

Vision Pro is Apple’s first 3D camera, Apple’s first spatial computer. The Vision Pro features an ultra-high-resolution display system. The custom micro‑OLED display system packs 23 million pixels across two displays, more than a 4K TV for each eye. This means users can enjoy crisp and clear visuals, whether they are watching movies, playing games, or exploring virtual worlds.

No controllers, just your eyes, hands and voice

The Vision pro is a fully three-dimensional user interface controlled by the most natural and intuitive inputs possible. A users eyes, hands, and voice, and does not require any controllers or accessories to interact with its software.
An advanced eye-tracking system utilising LEDs and infrared cameras emits invisible light patterns onto each eye. Enabling precise input without the need for holding any controllers. The pair of high-resolution cameras efficiently transmit more than one billion pixels per second to the displays, ensuring a clear and detailed view of the surrounding world. Additionally, this system excels in providing accurate head and hand tracking, as well as real-time 3D mapping, while also being capable of interpreting hand gestures from various positions. Users can also use voice commands to launch apps, adjust settings, or search for information.

Advanced Spatial Audio System

Dual-driver audio pods positioned next to each ear deliver personalised sound while letting you hear what’s around you.

External Battery Pack

The Vision Pro comes with an external battery pack that can be attached to the back of the headset or worn on a belt.The external battery supports up to 2 hours of use, and all‑day use when plugged in.

The Vision Pro EyeSight

Apple Vision Pro incorporates EyeSight, an exceptional breakthrough that facilitates users in maintaining connections with people in their vicinity. When a person approaches someone wearing Vision Pro, the device feels transparent — letting the user see them while also displaying the user’s eyes. Furthermore, when a user is engaged in an environment or utilising an application, EyeSight provides visual cues to others, indicating the user’s current focus of attention.The Vision Pro is expected to launch in early 2024, starting at $3,499. The Vision Pro is a revolutionary product that promises to deliver an unparalleled VR experience. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, it is set to redefine how we interact with digital content and reality itself.

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