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Challenges Faced by Gen Z Job Seekers in Australia Amidst Cost-of-Living Crisis

Gen Z job seekers in Australia

As Generation Z graduates in Australia embark on their job search journey, they encounter significant hurdles in a competitive and financially strained employment landscape. Recruitment experts highlight a disconnect between the expectations of young job seekers and the realities of the job market.

The roadblocks

Ursula Colman, director of recruitment at Zetter Recruitment, observes that many Gen Z graduates aim for roles beyond their experience level while also demanding higher pay and remote work options. This sense of entitlement, she argues, contrasts with the traditional expectations of entry-level positions that require commitment and long hours.

Colman emphasizes the importance of practical experience in addition to academic qualifications, as employers increasingly prioritize candidates with relevant skills and industry exposure. However, she notes a trend among Gen Zs to prioritize travel, resulting in resume gaps that deter potential employers.

Despite the demand for experience, recent graduates express frustration over the inadequacy of entry-level wages to meet the rising cost of living. Kaitlyn Hill, a graduate with a double degree, struggles to find full-time employment in Adelaide that offers a livable wage. Similarly, Maddy Basham, offered a marketing coordinator role with a salary below her expectations, faces financial challenges exacerbated by indexed HECS debts.

Shakira Coldwell’s experience reflects the broader struggle of graduates, as she applies for numerous jobs on the Gold Coast without success. Graham Wynn, founder of Superior People Recruitment, acknowledges the current job market’s competitiveness, with employers becoming increasingly selective in their hiring process due to the shortage of qualified candidates. In response to the daunting job market, British tourist Jude Rusga offers unconventional tips for job seekers, including emphasizing enthusiasm and persistence in applications, along with minor embellishments of experience to stand out.

Australian job market has been continuously shrinking and rising competition in the job market have made it tough for the Gen Z job seekers to cope up. However, it’s not a problem on one side, as while young graduates expect work experience from employers, they are also money-strained, and it’s tough competition. On the other hand, employees expect graduates to have experience, making it tough for young people to land their desired jobs.

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