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Are You #RelationshipGoals or Just Faking It for Social Media?

Does your relationship meet social media ideal or if it's just for show, with a background of a couple taking a selfie.

Have you ever scrolled through your feed, met with smiling faces pinned against amazing backdrops, and wondered, “Is my relationship enough?” As we scroll through our social media feeds, many of us are silently haunted by a question: Why can’t I find love like that?

Relationships, as defined by social media, have evolved into a showcase – a far cry from the less photogenic reality most of us live.

The Harsh Spotlight of Social Media Standards

Let’s talk about those standards for a moment. Can we genuinely attain the #RelationshipGoals set forth by the perfect angles and dreamy narratives popping up on our screens? The truth is, social media often acts as a highlight reel and rarely portrays the common disputes over dinner, the competing career demands, or those quiet moments when simply being together, in a less-than-picture-perfect setting, means the most.

Instagram vs Real Life

There’s a stark contrast between Instagram and the tangible, touchable reality of a day-to-day relationship. Online, couples glow with perpetual sunlight, and roses seem to never wilt. But if you’ve been in a relationship for even a short while, you know that isn’t the full story. Real-life love is sometimes as gritty as it is beautiful. It involves compromise, growth, and weathering storms together – none of which is as visually enticing as the latest viral proposal video.

The Fallout of Filtering Real Emotions

So what happens when we start comparing our raw, unfiltered lives to those manicured snippets? In truth, we set ourselves up for disappointment. We trade authenticity for an illusion that elevates stress and dissatisfaction. The deepest conversations, the genuine embraces – those happen off-screen, with no audience to applaud or click a like button. 

Embracing the Genuine Love Story

Remember your friend who’s less online but seems genuinely content in their relationship? It’s likely because they’ve embraced the natural ebbs and flows without the added pressure of an online persona. Embracing the unedited version of your relationship means less performance and more living; less posing and more authenticity. The strongest bonds are formed through shared experiences, empathy, and personal growth, not through a battle for online accolades.

Therefore, as we swipe through a sea of perfected romance, let’s not forget that it’s the maybe not so glamorous moments – the inside jokes, the support through struggles, the acceptance of flaws – which should be celebrated. The most meaningful #RelationshipGoals are the ones that are felt deep within, not just displayed for a fleeting online moment.

In essence, while there’s no harm in capturing and sharing your love, it’s the unseen chapters that tell the real story. Perhaps the next time you catch yourself wondering if your relationship stacks up, turn off the phone, look into the eyes of your partner, and remember why you started your journey together – beyond the glow of the screen.

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