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Are You Ready for the ‘Snail Girl Era’?

Introducing the “Snail Girl” Era

In a paradigm shift, young women are embracing a new trend called the “snail girl” era. This movement, championed by Sienna Ludbey, designer and founder of Hello Sisi, challenges the glorification of hustle culture and prioritizes happiness and self-care over busyness.

Ludbey’s article, “‘Snail girl era’: Why I’m slowing down and choosing to be happy rather than busy,” sparked the conversation and coined the term. As the founder of a shop specializing in handcrafted bags and accessories, Ludbey has experienced firsthand the pressure to conform to the ideals of the girlboss. However, she boldly declares that her “inner girlboss is dead” and embraces the “snail girl” era with open arms.

Is the Snail Girl Era the Antidote to Girlboss Culture?

As a self-proclaimed “girlboss,” Sienna Ludbey felt the constant pressure to project an image of success, always appearing busy and in demand. However, the pandemic gave her an unexpected opportunity for reflection, leading her to a new way of life.

In her own words, Ludbey describes the snail girl as someone who isn’t concerned with the speed at which things are happening in the world. She takes her time, creating at her own pace and enjoying the process. “Maybe that race isn’t going anywhere but home and back to bed,” she writes.

For Ludbey, slowing down and prioritizing her own well-being has been a liberating experience, giving her a new perspective on success. As more young women embrace the snail girl lifestyle, the era of the girlboss may be coming to an end.

The Girlboss Identity and the Rise of Snail Girl

In recent years, the girlboss identity has fallen out of favor as younger generations grapple with the consequences of burnout and question the true value of dedicating their lives solely to workplace success.

Inspired by Sienna Ludbey‘s viral video, TikTokers have taken the snail girl movement to new heights, creating their own aesthetic videos showcasing the snail girl lifestyle. These videos feature tranquil morning routines, picturesque walks in nature, cozy moments with cups of tea, and indulgent skincare rituals.

These visuals provide a window into the lives of those who prioritize self-care and relaxation over the relentless hustle culture associated with the girlboss mindset. The rise of aesthetic snail girl videos reflects a growing desire for a more meaningful and balanced approach to life, emphasizing the importance of well-being alongside career ambitions.

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