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Apple vs. France: Is the iPhone 12 emitting too much radiation?

Apple vs. France: Is the iPhone 12 emitting too much radiation?

iPhone 12, a tech darling for many, is in hot water! French regulators hit pause on its sales, screaming ‘radiation alarm.’ This ripple has Europe buzzing; Germany and Spain might jump on the bandwagon. Buckle up for the scoop on what’s happening and why it matters to you.

Apple's Defense

Apple, in its defense, asserts that the iPhone 12 complies with global radiation standards. They claim to have provided ample evidence to support their case, including lab results. However, the French agency, Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR), is standing firm in its findings.

Radiation Worries: Is It Legit?

French watchdog ANFR sounded the alarm about iPhone 12’s Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), a measure of radiofrequency energy absorbed by the body. When held or stashed in a trouser pocket, it went over the limit. But here’s the twist: experts say these limits are way below health risks like burns. Professor Rodney Croft from ICNIRP even assures us there’s no immediate peril. It’s a science puzzle, folks!

Trouble for Apple and Europe

France suggests a simple fix for iPhone 12’s radiation concerns – a software update. But here’s the kicker: if Apple doesn’t act in two weeks, they could be recalling every iPhone 12 in circulation. And it doesn’t stop there; the ripple effect might hit other EU countries. For Apple, a region raking in billions in sales, this controversy, combined with the new iPhone 15 launch, spells major complications ahead.

Radiation and Health

It’s important to note that extensive research over the past two decades hasn’t established adverse health effects from mobile phone use. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified the fields from mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic” in 2011, but this designation signifies limited evidence rather than a confirmed risk.


Tech-savvy Gen Z, the iPhone 12 hiccup reminds us: that tech’s not all fun and games. Safety and rules matter. Our gadgets can have their ‘uh-oh’ moments too. Keep an eye on this saga – it’s a lesson in consumer rights. Your voice matters in the tech world!

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