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Apple to Sell “Indian-Made” iPhone 15 on Launch Day

Apple iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, Apple 2023 highlights

Apple is expanding its manufacturing operations in India, and for the first time, a number of iPhone 15 devices sold on launch day will have been made in the country.
This is the first time that Apple will be selling the latest iPhone model that was made in India.

Previously, Apple had been manufacturing older model iPhones in India, but it had not yet started production of the latest models. However, in recent weeks, it has been reported that India has begun production of the iPhone 15, just weeks after China.

Apple is now expected to sell Indian-made iPhone 15 models at launch. This is a significant milestone for Apple’s expansion in India, and it is a sign of the company’s commitment to the country.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

The iPhone 15 series has been launched in India, and the prices start at ₹ 79,900 for the iPhone 15 with 128GB base storage. The iPhone 15 Plus is priced at ₹ 89,900.

All models in the iPhone 15 series feature a new design with a Dynamic Island front camera system, replacing the notch. They also have a 48MP primary camera, the A16 Bionic chipset, and a USB Type-C port.

The iPhone 15 series is available in blue, white, and black. The Apple iPhone 15 series has been launched in India and other global markets. The new iPhones will be available for pre-order starting September 15, and the sale will start from September 22.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

The titanium frame is a significant upgrade over the stainless steel frame. It is lighter and stronger, which will make the phones more durable. It is also more resistant to corrosion, which means that the phones will last longer.

The periscope lens is a new type of camera lens that allows for greater optical zoom. This will be a major improvement for photographers and videographers, as it will allow them to take better photos and videos of distant objects.

The iPhone 15 Pro starts at ₹ 1,34,900 for the 128GB model, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at ₹ 1,59,900 for the 256GB model.

Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple Watch Series 9 is the company’s first carbon-neutral product. This means that Apple has taken steps to reduce the environmental impact of the watch throughout its lifecycle, from manufacturing to disposal.

The Apple Watch Series 9, which replaces the Series 8, will be available in India starting September 22. The 41mm GPS model will cost ₹ 41,900, while the 45mm GPS model will cost ₹ 44,900.

Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen

The Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen is powered by the new S9 SiP, which delivers faster and more efficient performance than the previous generation. The Apple Watch SE (2nd gen) will also be available, with a 40mm GPS model costing ₹ 29,900 and a 44mm GPS model costing ₹ 31,900.

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