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Apple Glasses Are Coming & They’re About to Drop Your Jaw

Apple glasses

Hey everyone! Your fave tech enthusiast here, spilling the tea on Apple’s highly anticipated AR glasses. Buckle up, because these apple glasses are rumored to be a game-changer.

Evolution or Revolution?

Imagine the Vision Pro, but lighter and way comfier. That’s what some people think Apple Glasses might be. They could have fewer bells and whistles (think fancy cameras and sensors) to make them lighter for everyday wear.  OR They could be different, like tricked-out Ray-Ban Stories that work seamlessly with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Imagine getting directions or info popping up right in front of your eyes – mind blown!

Features We're Hoping For

No matter which route Apple takes, these glasses are rumored to be a mix of cool mixed reality stuff and a heads-up display. Here’s what we might see:

  • Flawless Apple Device Connection: Basically, your glasses will be BFFs with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Navigation on Fleek: Getting lost will be a thing of the past with real-time directions popping up right in front of your eyes.
  • Voice Activated with Siri: Control your glasses with just your voice – hello convenience! ️
  • AR Entertainment on Point: Get ready for next-level gaming and entertainment experiences.
  • Accessibility Features for Everyone: These glasses could be a game-changer for people with visual impairments.

How Much Will They Cost?

Pricing is a big mystery, but here’s the guess: a high-end version might be more expensive than the Vision Pro, but a more basic version could be around $500-$600. This would make them compete with other AR glasses on the market and more accessible to everyone.

When Can We Get Our Hands on Them?

Don’t expect them tomorrow, but rumors say they’re coming sometime between 2026 and 2027. This gives Apple time to perfect the tech and make sure they’re amazing.

The Future is AR

These AR glasses have the potential to be HUGE. They could be everyday essentials, not just fancy gadgets. With a focus on affordability and working perfectly with your other Apple devices, these glasses could change the way we interact with technology forever. Stay tuned for more updates, because the future of AR is looking pretty darn lit!

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