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60% Gen Z & Millennials Feel Worn Out Post Full Night’s Rest!

Survey Alert - 60% Gen Z & Millennials Feel Worn Out Post Full Night's Rest!

Wake up, Gen Z! Over 60% of India’s cool cats are battling daytime fatigue despite clocking in a full night’s sleep, spilled to the Nyumi sleep survey. With 500+ voices, this survey’s peek into our sleep secrets is a must-read!

Craving More Zzzs

A staggering 67% of Gen Z voices a strong desire for additional sleep, challenging the perception that hustle and ambition are the only driving forces for this generation. Despite juggling the demands of school, work, and the digital age, Gen Z is collectively yearning for a few more precious hours of slumber to recharge and rejuvenate.

Ageless Sleep Struggles

While the hustle of Gen Z is well-known, the survey sheds light on sleep challenges transcending age. Millennials, aged 35-44, face sleep issues beyond just hitting the bed on time. The prevalence of light sleepers is a notable trend, with 38% falling into this category. In this age group, a staggering 63% report experiencing poor sleep symptoms like headaches and a lack of interest in work the next day.

Sleep Harmony Across Ages: Nyumi's Tailored Solutions

The survey reveals a universal quest for quality sleep solutions. Adults aged 35-44 wrestle with nighttime disruptions and social media temptations, signaling a need for tailored fixes. Nyumi’s Founder, Ananya Agarwal, is on a mission to decode the sleep paradox affecting younger generations. 

With the survey as a catalyst, Nyumi champions innovation, offering customized solutions like sleep gummies for Gen Z and millennials to embrace the rest they truly deserve.

Conclusion: Sleep, a Vital Pillar for Well-being

The survey acts as a reminder to prioritize sleep patterns, regardless of age, for maintaining overall health and vitality. Sleep is not a facet of well-being to be neglected; rather, it stands as a vital pillar upholding physical and mental health.

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