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10 tips for the Gen Z women, from Women themselves

Tips for Gen Z Women

Women from various walks of life have come together to share valuable self-care advice for the younger generation, offering pearls of wisdom that encompass physical, mental, and financial well-being. The insights shared in response to a viral question on self-care strategies for the future shed light on the multifaceted nature of being a woman and navigating the challenges that come with it.

The 10 Valuable tips:

  1. Friendship takes the top spot as older women emphasize the importance of prioritizing and nurturing meaningful connections. One woman recounts how her retired boss and her group of girlfriends, despite being married, have maintained a decades-long friendship, highlighting the significance of companionship throughout life.
  2. Moisturization becomes a non-negotiable step, with advice to moisturize head to toe every day for the benefit of future hormoneless skin. The seemingly mundane act of taking care of one’s skin is positioned as an investment that pays off in the long run.
  3. Financial stability emerges as a crucial aspect of self-care, with a strong recommendation to start saving for retirement early. The importance of financial preparedness is underscored by the poignant reminder of elderly individuals relying on meager monthly sums, emphasizing the need for foresight in financial planning.
  4. Physical well-being is addressed with a call to prioritize exercise, even on days when motivation is lacking. The “some is better than none” approach is encouraged, emphasizing the power of small, achievable goals in forming lasting habits. The value of light stretching and exercise is emphasized as essential for overall health and mobility.
  5. Sunscreen is advocated not just for maintaining a youthful appearance but as a preventive measure against skin cancer. Personal experiences of staying sun-protected, even at the beach, highlight the long-term benefits of sun-conscious practices.
  6. Home modification takes a forward-thinking turn, with advice to make homes conducive to aging. Suggestions include creating wheelchair-friendly spaces, addressing maintenance issues, and incorporating features that promote accessibility and ease of living as one ages.
  7. Body positivity and self-love are championed, urging younger individuals to appreciate and embrace their bodies. The perspective that the body one is critical of now might be fondly remembered in the future serves as a reminder to treat oneself with kindness and appreciation.
  8. Reducing alcohol and coffee intake while increasing water consumption is recommended for overall health. The normalization of caffeine consumption is acknowledged, and the emphasis is placed on moderation and hydration.
  9. Regular health screenings, including annual physicals and Pap smears, are encouraged as essential preventive measures. The importance of early detection and timely treatment is highlighted, urging individuals to prioritize their health through regular check-ups.
  10. Finally, the advice to edit one’s life encompasses various aspects, including social media consumption, belief systems, possessions, and financial habits. The call to simplify and declutter life extends to wardrobe choices, encouraging a more accepting and open-minded approach to self and others.

In Short

These pieces of advice form a comprehensive guide for the younger generation, offering a roadmap to navigate the complexities of life while prioritizing self-care in all its dimensions.

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