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Women abuse prevalent in online pornography: A disturbing find

Women abuse in online pornography

A recent report by France’s High Council for Equality between Women and Men has exposed a disturbing reality within the online pornography industry. This comprehensive investigation, spanning over 18 months and encompassing a review of millions of videos across major international pornography websites, has unveiled a harrowing landscape where verbal, physical, and sexual violence against women is shockingly prevalent, with a staggering 90% of pornographic content featuring such violence. Furthermore, a significant portion of this content is in violation of existing French laws, marking a grave concern for the country’s legal framework and societal well-being.

What the report says

The report’s findings paint a grim picture of the state of online pornography, highlighting the dehumanization and degradation of women through the perpetuation of sexist and racist stereotypes. Women in these videos are routinely humiliated, objectified, assaulted, tortured, and subjected to treatment that blatantly contradicts both human dignity and French law. What is even more disturbing is the report’s assertion that the women in these videos are real, as are the sexual acts and violence portrayed, and this suffering is often presented in an eroticized manner.

Moreover, the report underscores the French state prosecutor’s perspective that the vast majority of pornography contains elements of verbal and physical violence that violate French law. In some instances, the content reaches the level of torture, raising serious concerns about the legality of any contracts related to such activities. The report firmly states that acts of violence captured on film should be deemed illegal and subject to punishment.

Inaction from authorities

A deeply troubling aspect highlighted in the report is the inaction of both the French state and authorities in response to years of lobbying by the pornography industry advocating for freedom of expression. This “blindness and denial” on the part of the state have essentially granted the pornography industry “total impunity.” The report contends that it is imperative to put an end to this indifference, given the gravity of the situation.

A School for Sexual Violence

Statistics provided by Arcom, the audiovisual regulator in France, further underscore the urgency of addressing this issue. Shockingly, 51% of 12-year-old boys in France reportedly consume pornography every month, reinforcing what the report refers to as a “rape culture.” The head of the French equality watchdog, Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette, emphasized the necessity of halting the dissemination of illegal content involving unbearable torture, especially to minors. She aptly labeled pornography as “a school for sexual violence” that must be dismantled.

The report also criticizes the inadequacy of France’s state platform, Pharos, which is designed to combat illegal online content. It argues that Pharos has not effectively addressed sexual violence and should be expanded to cover attacks against women in pornography. While France has taken steps to investigate several cases involving pornography producers, including charges related to rape, human trafficking, and torture, the report acknowledges the protracted legal process. For the victims whose voices are eventually heard by the justice system, there remain countless videos published without oversight that continue to perpetuate misogynistic violence and hatred.

Response to the report

In response to these grave revelations, Bérangère Couillard, the French Minister for Equality and the Fight Against Discrimination, has called for immediate action. She emphasized the need to halt the proliferation of videos depicting acts of torture and barbaric cruelty online. Couillard pointed out that while the government has already taken steps to address minors’ access to such content, there is still significant progress to be made in combating violence within the pornography industry and protecting the rights and dignity of women.

In short, the report’s findings present a sobering reality that demands immediate attention and action. The widespread presence of violent and degrading content in online pornography, coupled with the insufficient response from authorities, underscores the urgency of reforming existing laws and regulations to protect women and minors from the harmful effects of this industry. The French government must take decisive steps to address this issue and ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens.

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