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Will Steve Carell Reprise His Role as Michael Scott in The Office Follow Up Series?

potential follow-up series to The Office featuring a question about Steve Carell's return as Michael Scott

Steve Carell has recently spoken out about the possibility of an Office sequel and discussed whether he would come back to play his role again.

At 61, Carell, who earned six Emmy nominations for portraying Michael Scott, the endearing yet exasperating manager of a paper company in the popular sitcom—a remake of the British version by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant—shared his perspective on the potential continuation of the show.

Steve Carell Rules Out Return in ‘The Office’

Several sources have revealed that the beloved series is set for a revival with an entirely new ensemble. The reboot will star Domhnall Gleeson and Sabrina Impacciatore from ‘The White Lotus,’ leading the fresh cast.

However, fans eager for the return may feel a pang of disappointment upon hearing that Steve Carell will not be part of any forthcoming projects.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter on 13 May, during the premiere of his latest movie, ‘IF,’ on the red carpet, Carell made his stance clear. “I’m eager to see it but won’t be making an appearance,” he remarked. He elaborated by stating that his iconic character, Michael Scott, doesn’t fit within the scope of the new series.

Despite stepping back from the reboot, Carell expressed his support and enthusiasm for the new iteration and complimented his former co-star, Gleeson, on his role. “The concept sounds exciting. I’m looking forward to it,” he added.

‘The Office’ Reboot to Feature New Setting and Cast

Steve Carell expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming revival of “The Office,” which is rumored to be set in a struggling newspaper company. Carell, having previously worked with one of the new leads, Domhnall Gleeson in the 2022 series “The Patient,” praised Gleeson’s acting abilities and character. “He’s an excellent actor and a super nice guy, so I think it’ll be great,” Carell remarked.

Last month, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the fresh cast for the reboot will include Sabrina Impacciatore, known for her role as the resort manager Valentina in “The White Lotus” Season 2, and Domhnall Gleeson, who has appeared in notable roles such as General Armitage Hux in recent “Star Wars” films and the romantic lead in the 2013 film “About Time.”

Reports suggest that while the series will introduce a new office and characters, it will stay in the same universe as the original show, maintaining the beloved mockumentary style.

Cast and Achievements

Steve Carell led the original cast of ‘The Office’ as Michael Scott, the branch manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The ensemble included notable characters such as Jim Halpert, the office prankster played by John Krasinski; Pam Beesly, the receptionist portrayed by Jenna Fischer; Dwight Schrute, assistant to the regional manager, played by Rainn Wilson; and Angela Martin, the head of accounting, played by Angela Kinsey.

Spanning nine seasons from 2005 to 2013, ‘The Office’ garnered critical acclaim and a host of awards over its run. It was honored with a Peabody Award in 2006, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Golden Globe for Steve Carell’s performance, and four Primetime Emmy Awards, solidifying its place in television history.

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