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Why Millennials and Gen Z are Saying “No” to Full-Time Jobs

Gen Z Say No to Full time jobs

Remember the “grind culture” everyone was obsessed with a few years ago? Yeah, that’s so 2022. Millennials and Gen Z are rewriting the rules when it comes to work. Forget the idea of one job for life – we’re all about freedom and flexibility now.

Peace Out, Office Life!

A recent study by Polywork (basically LinkedIn for freelancers) showed that over half of us (aged 21 to 40) would rather have an exciting work life where we’re our bosses than chase that big paycheck. Plus, only a third of us can imagine sticking to just one job forever.

Think about it. Being stuck inside for a year during COVID-19 was rough, but for a lot of us, it also opened our eyes. We realized there’s a whole world of work out there beyond the fluorescent lights and stale office coffee. Maybe Tom Hardy was onto something when he said being alone can be addictive – in a good way!

The Rise of the "Polywork" Revolution

The pandemic kicked off a “multiple job” trend, and we’re here for it. This whole “polywork” thing (coined by Polywork, obviously) is about having different income streams and working on our terms.

Here’s what gets us hyped:

  • Beta Testing Products: Be the first to try cool new stuff and give your feedback. Sign us up!
  • Sharing Your Skills: Mentor someone new, or become a public speaking rockstar – the choice is yours!
  • Content Creation: We’re the social media generation, after all. Let’s put our creativity to good use!
  • Investing: Building a future for ourselves, because adulting is real.

Basically, We're Saying "Hello" to Freedom

The study also showed that a whopping 81% of us young professionals have a whole new outlook on work thanks to COVID. We’re rejecting the idea of being stuck in one job title and want to explore all our options.

The “gig economy” is booming, and if we can make good money and live life on our terms, why wouldn’t we? So yeah, the future of work is looking flexible, exciting, and totally our own. Buckle up, because we Gen Z and Millennials are redefining what it means to have a career.

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