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WhatsApp’s Call Silencing: Fighting Spam, Boosting Privacy

Whatsapp Calls Silencing Feature

WhatsApp has unveiled a new feature that enables users to automatically mute incoming calls from unknown numbers. This addition aims to tackle spam, scams, and unwanted calls, providing increased protection for users. Alongside this feature, WhatsApp is introducing a “Privacy Checkup” to empower users with step-by-step guidance on enhancing their privacy and security settings.

Silence Unknown Callers: Screening Out Unwanted Disturbances

To access the call silencing feature, users can navigate to WhatsApp’s settings, select “Privacy,” choose “Calls,” and enable the “Silence Unknown Callers” toggle. By doing so, users can shield themselves from unwanted calls and potential scams, as all signs of incoming calls from unknown numbers, including sound and visual alerts, are muted.

Maintaining Transparency: Silence with Clarity

Despite silencing the calls, WhatsApp ensures transparency by listing the silenced calls in the recent calls list, accompanied by a note indicating them as “silenced unknown callers.” This allows users to review the calls and decide whether to return them if necessary.

Combating Spam: Strengthening the Defense

The introduction of the call-silencing feature follows reports of an increasing number of spam calls, particularly impacting Indian users. Earlier, WhatsApp implemented a machine learning-based enforcement system, reducing spam calls by an alleged 50%. Now, with the new silencing feature, users can take additional measures to silence any spam calls that may have bypassed the automatic filters.

Privacy Checkup: Empowering Users for Enhanced Security

WhatsApp is also introducing the “Privacy Checkup” feature, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of the privacy and security options available. This step-by-step checkup covers various categories, including the ability to choose who can contact them and add additional security layers, such as two-step verification and biometric authentication for app access.

WhatsApp: Silencing Calls, Securing Privacy

Amidst the rising tide of spam calls and privacy worries, WhatsApp emerges as a champion for its users. Armed with call-silencing capabilities and a Privacy Checkup, the app empowers individuals to reclaim control. With an unwavering commitment to security and an unwavering desire for user satisfaction, WhatsApp propels itself forward as a trusted sanctuary in the ever-evolving digital realm.

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