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What’s Inside the Moon? Scientists Finally Have an Answer

What's Inside the Moon?

The moon is an age-old mystery! Some thought it a rocky twin, others a colossal cheese wheel. But now, brace yourselves, because modern magic has cracked the lunar code. Get ready for a cosmic revelation as we unveil the moon’s deepest secrets!

Earth-Like Composition

The moon isn’t just a distant neighbor; it’s our planetary sibling! New math models reveal its Earth-like secrets: a liquid outer core and a solid inner core, roughly 500 km wide, made of iron-like metal. This cosmic revelation thrills scientists, unlocking mysteries about the moon’s magnetic history and its cosmic battles during the early days of the Solar System.

Unearthing Secrets with Seismic Waves

Peering into space’s hidden treasures requires seismic secrets. Like cosmic soundwaves, seismic data dances through materials, painting an X-ray of celestial bodies. Though India’s Chandrayaan-3 recently rocked lunar science with a quake revelation, intrepid researchers at Côte d’Azur University dug into old Apollo-era data. Armed with lunar laser experiments and space mission intel, they pieced together a cosmic puzzle, decoding the moon’s essence.

Matching Moon's Mysteries

Revolutionary lunar insights! Researchers unearthed secrets as dense materials plunge towards the moon’s heart, while lighter ones ascend, shaping lunar volcanoes. Astonishingly, the moon’s core is an Earthly doppelgänger, with a liquid outer layer and a solid inner core spanning 500 kilometers or 15% of the moon’s expanse. What’s jaw-dropping? NASA’s earlier findings align, affirming the moon’s remarkable transformation.

Unanswered Lunar Mysteries

Moon mysteries persist! Once, it flaunted a robust magnetic shield, but it began fading 3.2 billion years ago, driven by core action. As we delve deeper into lunar exploration, a treasure trove of data awaits. NASA’s Artemis II mission in 2024 promises moonwalks, while private space pioneers like ispace, Astrobotic, and Intuitive Machines are planning their lunar quests. The moon’s enigma fuels our journey, captivating curious minds, young and old.

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