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Turning 25? Oops! The Career Dilemmas of a 25-Year-Old

career and life dilemma of a 25 yr old

When you turn 25, it is usually the critical moment in your life as the next stage brings along with it lots of joy and opportunities. Nevertheless, for many, it can also be the time of getting involved in controversial problems dedicated to life’s destiny issues, especially related to the questions what kind of the career is up in the cards. As you stand at the quarter-life crossroads, questions swirl: Finally, how do you pick your individual path? What if you do the wrong thing and end up regretting it afterward? How can you blend the powerful with the practical?

Don’t fret! It’s normal

Having mixed feelings is quite a usual situation for 25-year-olds when it comes to being wise and selfless or following one’s dreams and aspirations. In spite of many dreams there still are also people who put making money and having a steady income above the dream of having a career they love. In this case, this conflict may be a start of a pulling battle between going after your dreams or choose a more traditional job which is stable. People who play an important role in your life is your family, friends and the society. You not only need to ensure you are happy, but also may sometimes end up trying to meet these expectations, along with holding on to your own goals which may be confusing.

The fact we feel so busy that we don’t want to miss out on even the most minor things (the FOMO) is that our lives are very active. At the age of 25, we are becoming a part of adult society full of pragmatism and working spirit, so everyone around us seems to be heading up the career ladder, which is sometimes an intense pressure to catch up with. Looking for a model in peers may aggravate the state of things and contribute to psychological stress.

Be active and take a positive look

While this time frame might be difficult, the period is infused with much potential of self-discovery and self-improvement. Try to pick different things to do to involve yourself in different experiences. Be brave to welcome internships, part-time jobs, and volunteering in order to have more understanding on different study. If you fail or change your mind, you will still be able to learn from your experiences to enhance you in the future. Once again, these years are the time for exploring and evolution.

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