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Meet Gen Z content creator and sports journalist, Katelyn Hutchison

Gen Z content creator Katelyn Hutchison

Who is Katelyn?

Katelyn Hutchison, a 23-year-old multi-platform content creator and former All-American sprinter, is making waves as one of the few Black women reporters in the field of track and field journalism. At the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest, she gained attention when she praised Sha’Carri Richardson during a press conference, emphasizing the importance of recognizing athletes not just for their accomplishments but as individuals with stories beyond their sports achievements.

The viral video of this interaction on TikTok brought both acclaim and criticism. Some questioned whether Hutchison’s approach was that of a fangirl rather than a serious journalist. Despite the backlash, Hutchison remains undaunted and committed to her mission of providing a safe space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) athletes to share their stories authentically.

What are her achievements?

In an industry where BIPOC women reporters are notably scarce, Hutchison’s presence is significant. The 2021 Sports Media Racial & Gender Report Card revealed that only 1.1 percent of sports reporting positions were held by Black women. Hutchison’s role extends beyond traditional journalism, as she cohosts the Out of the Blocks podcast for CITIUS MAG, works as a sports analyst and content producer, and contributes to World Athletics.

Hutchison acknowledges that her approach may not conform to traditional journalistic norms, but her primary goal is to make athletes feel comfortable and recognized beyond their athletic abilities. She emphasizes the importance of athletes, especially those of color, feeling a sense of safety when sharing their stories. The positive impact she has on athletes is evident in their expressions of relief when seeing her or other Black reporters in the mixed zone.

Despite the challenges and criticisms, Hutchison remains focused on her aspirations, including obtaining a spot as a track and field analyst on major networks like ESPN or NBC. Her work is driven by a genuine desire to humanize athletes and showcase their stories in a way that goes beyond the conventional narrative. As she pursues a master’s degree in sport leadership at the University of Kentucky, Hutchison’s dedication to amplifying the voices of BIPOC athletes highlights the need for diversity and representation within the sports journalism landscape. On her first year anniversary in the field, Katelyn Hutchison’s journey stands as a testament to the impact a positive and authentic approach can have in reshaping the narrative in sports media.

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