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Thailand Takes Historic Step towards marriage equality with recognition for Same-Sex Marriage

Recognition of Same-sex marriage in Thailand

The Thai lawmakers created history by introducing the same-sex marriage bill in Thailand and paving the way for its country to become the first country in the Southeast Asia region to offer entire marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. 500 member House of Representatives passed the bill, which received 400 “yea” votes. The draft, which is a proposed amendment to the Civil and Commercial code, has been sent for the Senate’s review and also awaits King’s approval.

The complete package

Expected to enter into force 120 days after it appears in the Royal Gazette, the bill is set to consider same-sex marriages as valid, both in regard to inheritances, tax reductions and adopting children, to those 18 years old and older. This initiative by Prime minister Srettha Thavisin’s administration campaign is not simply for the extension of rights to the estranged LGBTQ community but it is also an effort to build a Thailand that has the admiration of many as an inclusive and LGBTQ-friendly place.

The country has now moved away from earlier civil partnership legislation to a higher level of LGBT rights, acknowledging the same-sex marriage and replacing the “a man and a woman as a married couple” with the “a couple that consist of two individuals”. This move is a seen as symbolizing the status of Thailand as a leading Asian country to secure the rights of LGBTQ, after Taiwan and Nepal.

Its been a long struggle

The move comes after years of advocacy by LGBTQ activists for equal marriage rights, despite earlier legal and parliamentary challenges. This legislative victory is anticipated to positively impact Thailand’s tourism industry, particularly benefiting from the “pink economy” as the nation is already a popular destination for LGBTQ travelers. Industry experts predict an increase in LGBTQ visitors and events, including potential weddings, which could boost local economies and industries.

The government’s progressive agenda doesn’t stop here; it includes further laws recognizing gender identity, legalizing prostitution, and proposals to legalize commercial surrogacy for LGBTQ couples. As Thailand gears up to potentially host WorldPride in 2028, this bill marks just the beginning of a series of anticipated reforms aimed at strengthening the rights and recognition of LGBTQ individuals within the country.

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