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Sun Damage? Here’s How to Slay Summer Hair Like a Queen

summer hair care

Ugh, summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach hangs, cute outfits, and endless ice cream cones. But seriously, the sun can be a total mane-hater. Last year, my hair was a frizzy mess by July! This year, I’m on a mission to keep my hair healthy and cute all summer long.

Sun Protection is a Must-Have, not a Maybe!

We all know sunscreen is important for our skin, but what about our hair? Sun rays can seriously damage your hair, just like your skin. So, this summer I’m rocking cute hats and scarves to shield my hair whenever I’m outside. Plus, there are amazing hair products with SPF that are like sunscreen for your hair! These are a total game-changer for keeping your hair healthy and happy in the sun.

Heat Styling? Nah

Blow dryers and straighteners are torture for your hair in the summer heat. I’m embracing my natural waves and trying out fun braid styles. Plus, air-drying is way better for my Insta pics – hello, beachy hair don’t care vibes!

Deep Conditioning is My BFF

Summer sun can leave your hair feeling straw-like. I’m treating my hair to a deep conditioning mask once a week.  Think of it like a giant hug for your hair – it adds moisture and makes it feel amazing. 

Hydration is Key

Guzzling water is good for you, but it also works wonders for your hair!  Drinking plenty of water keeps your hair hydrated from the inside out. Think of it like watering a plant – gotta keep those roots happy!

Salty Hair, Don't Care (But Kinda Do)

Pool days and beach trips are the best, but chlorine and salt water can be harsh on your hair. Before swimming, I’ll drench my hair with conditioner or just plain water. It helps create a barrier against chlorine and salt. After swimming, a quick rinse with clean water is a must!

Summer Hair, Don't Despair!

With a few tweaks to my routine, I’m sure I can keep my hair healthy and happy all summer long.  No more frizzy disasters for this girl! Who is with me? Let us rock summer with gorgeous, healthy hair!

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