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We Gen Z take Mental Health seriously, here is what we learnt

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Yo GenZ fam! Let’s talk about something super important: mental well-being. In India, especially, things are changing. We’re getting more open about mental health, and that’s awesome! This World Happiness Day, a survey by Fiama called “Feel Good with Fiama Mental Wellbeing Survey 2023*” gave us the lowdown on how we deal with stress and stay happy.  Here’s the juice:

FOMO is SO last season!

Remember FOMO, the fear of missing out? Well, GenZ is flipping the script with FOMO = Fun of Missing Out. We’re setting boundaries and saying “no” to stuff that drains our energy. We’re prioritizing what makes us happy and fulfilled, not the latest Insta trend.

Stress Busters: Yoga, Therapy & K-dramas (yes, really!)

Life can be stressful, no cap. However, the survey shows that 86% of Indians combat stress with exercise like yoga and meditation. Plus, online therapy is becoming a thing, with 51%  believing social media can lead you to helpful resources. And guess what else helps us unwind? 75% of GenZ watch feel-good shows or movies for a happiness boost. Because who doesn’t love a good K-drama marathon, right?

Celebrities Are Speaking Up, and We're Listening! ️

Mental health portrayals in movies and TV are making a difference. The survey shows that 79% of us believe they can help fight the stigma. Plus, 81% think celebs can be powerful mental health advocates. Big ups to those using their platform for good!

It's Okay to Ask for Help!

Experts agree: that happiness starts with understanding what stresses you.  That’s why ITC Fiama partnered with Minds Foundation to offer affordable virtual therapy!  Sameer Satpathy from ITC says mental health matters and ITC Fiama wants to get India talking about it.  Actress Rashmika Mandanna shared her tips for staying mentally well: find joy in small things and take breaks to do what you love! 

The Takeaway?

Mental health matters just like physical health!  Thanks to ITC Fiama for starting the convo. Remember, it’s okay to not be okay. Prioritize your happiness, set boundaries, and ask for help!  A happy GenZ is a healthy GenZ!

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