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Solopreneurship: Why 1/3 of Gen Z Chooses to Be Their Own Boss

Why One Third of Gen Z Prefers Working for Themselves!

In an Instagram survey, a striking one in three Gen Zers declares that self-employment holds the key to wealth. Whether inspired by older peers or already treading the workforce path, Gen Z’s drive for independence challenges the traditional career narrative, revealing a generation unafraid to forge its own trail.

Gen Z: The Hustle Generation

Gen Z, labeled the “hustle generation,” questions the old belief that hard work in a steady job guarantees success, having seen millennials struggle. A Deloitte study shows almost half of Gen Z faces work stress, revealing a fractured social contract. Concerns about lacking “soft skills” reinforce Gen Z’s focus on skill-building over managerial roles.

The Pivot Towards Independence

Meta’s survey spanned the US, UK, Brazil, India, and South Korea, capturing diverse perspectives. While specifics on how Gen Z attitudes differ from other generations remain undisclosed, the sentiment is clear – a desire for independence. Gen Z appears determined to pivot away from conventional paths, challenging the status quo and opting for entrepreneurial ventures. The survey underscores a generational shift, with Gen Z poised to redefine success on their terms.

Learning from Millennials

Drawing lessons from millennials, who faced challenges despite adhering to traditional norms, Gen Z is choosing a different approach. The focus is on adaptability and self-sufficiency, with an emphasis on skill acquisition over managerial roles. This shift suggests a nuanced understanding of success, driven by a desire to avoid the pitfalls witnessed by their predecessors.


In a bold twist, Gen Z is rewriting the rules, choosing self-employment over traditional paths. Fueled by skepticism towards outdated work norms, the hustle generation pioneers its journey, redefining success on its own terms. As Gen Z’s entrepreneurial spirit unfolds, brace for a workforce revolution, breaking free from the conventional mold.

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