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Should You Swipe Right on That Tattoo Trend? Think Before You Ink

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Tattoos are, like, the ultimate form of self-expression, right? But what happens when your fire ink turns into a major cringe? The tattoo regret is real, and it’s hitting Gen Z hard.

Wait, What Even is Tattoo Regret?

It’s when you get a tattoo that you L-O-V-E at first, but later on, you kind of wish you hadn’t. Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Gabs Miceli says there are two types: the “OMG I Hate This Already” regret, and the “Welp, Maybe This Wasn’t the Best Idea” regret that sneaks up on you years later.

Social Media Made Me Do It!

Thanks to TikTok, tattoo regret seems to be everywhere. Influencers are sharing their stories about how their ink isn’t exactly wedding dress-friendly, especially those trendy patchwork tattoos. These are a bunch of random designs slapped together, and while they look cool now, they might not age well.

Why is Tattoo Regret on the Rise?

Social media might be making us a bit impulsive. We see these amazing tattoos on influencers and want to copy the look, forgetting that trends move faster than ever these days. Tattoo artist Phia Walla says getting a tattoo is like capturing a moment in time, and that time might not always be #aesthetic.

Feeling the Regret? Here's What to Do

Feeling bummed about your ink? Chill! It happens to the best of us. Miceli says to be kind to yourself, you were a different person then! Think about ways to move on, like laser removal or a cool cover-up. Find a rad artist to help you out!

Living with Regret

Sara Beth Clark, a total boss influencer, feels her tattoos don’t match her current vibe anymore. They make her stick out when she doesn’t want to. But here’s the thing: regret doesn’t have to rule your life! Like Sara, you can learn to accept your ink as part of your story. Feeling the itch to erase your past? There are options, boo!

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