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Prayagraj couple defrauds ₹400 crore in property scam and disappears

property scam by prayagaraj couple

In Prayagraj, a couple has absconded after defrauding people of approximately ₹400 crore through a property investment scam. The victims, spanning diverse backgrounds including students, traders, lawyers, and housewives, were lured into investing in various properties under the promise of substantial returns, only to find themselves deceived when the couple vanished within two years. Authorities have mobilized multiple police teams to track and apprehend the fraudulent duo. Investigations are underway to gather details about their assets and bank accounts.

The scam and the accused

The primary accused are Abhishek Dwivedi, director of Niharika Ventures, his wife Niharika, and his father Om Prakash. Victims reported that the accused launched their company two years ago, presenting enticing investment opportunities in the real estate sector. Over 200 individuals were persuaded to invest, often convincing friends and family to join in. The scheme became huge after several people and their families joined ion, investing their hard-earned money.

The deception was uncovered on June 6 when investors learned that Om Prakash had reportedly evicted Abhishek from his property and claimed his son had disappeared. This incident is suspected by the victims to be part of a larger conspiracy to protect the culprits. As of now, 221 fraud victims have come forward, filing an FIR against the accused for the massive financial fraud. The scam is reminiscent of the Bollywood movie “Bunty aur Babli“, where a couple fraud people of their money and assets via various fraudulent schemes. Talk of real-life imitating reel life!

Sanjay Gupta, the Station House Officer (SHO) of Shivkuti police station, confirmed that the police are diligently gathering information on the couple and are actively working to apprehend them. The investigating team is also researching if their fraudulent activities are restricted to only Prayagraj and nearby areas or rest of the state as well. The victims, representing a broad spectrum of society, continue to seek justice and recovery of their stolen investments.

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