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Outcry Over Age Discrimination in Chinese Job Advertisement

Age discrimination in Chinese job market

Whats the issue?

A recent job ad has created news in China. This recent ad was posted by a Chinese grocery store to hire cashiers aged between 18 to 30 years. This led to a major outcry on the social media platforms due to the age discrimination that is rampant within the country’s job market. The post that attracted over 140 million views and 41,000 comments on Weibo showed deep emotional responses as most of the workers in the post were unemployed. The present state of economy has made finding jobs tough, especially with age restrictions coming into play.

The age gap was a major issue. As some users angrily noted, there were countless attempts of job hunting which ended up with no results. A 33-year-old user lamented three years of fruitless efforts, while a 29-year-old mentioned being laid off multiple times without receiving responses to job applications, even after highlighting being unmarried and childless.

The “Curse of 35”

The term “Curse of 35” emerged on Chinese social media, referring to the rumored trend of major tech companies laying off older employees. Despite no specific laws against age discrimination, concerns have been raised about discriminatory hiring practices, including the preference for younger and cheaper labor. Even the Chinese government imposes age limits, excluding candidates above 35 from many civil servant positions.

Users questioned the logic behind such discriminatory practices, particularly as the government considers raising the retirement age due to the aging population. However, the specific solutions proposed for these challenges lack any concrete bounds and open up the way to uncertainty in the process for older workers.

Such an outcry bears essential concerns about limited employment opportunities and age-based discrimination in the Chinese job market. Some campaigns to raise awareness about these problems have been implemented, however no practical solutions have been found or are yet to be put into action. However, with the debate on age discrimination continuing, there is a clear need for holistic and structured measures towards this direction that will also take into consideration the older applicants and create equal opportunities for all.

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