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‘Once Upon a Witch’s Death’ Animates Your Screens in 2025!

Promotional graphic for the upcoming 2025 anime series 'Once Upon a Witch's Death.'

Kadokawa reveals that the light novel series “Once Upon a Witch’s Death: The Tale of the One Thousand Tears of Joy” by Saka and Chorefuji will enchant TV screens with an anime adaptation in 2022. Get ready for the bewitching saga that weaves a tale of magic, emotion, and a witch’s fate.

‘Once Upon a Witch’s Death’ Adaptation

The helm of the upcoming anime adaptation of “Once Upon a Witch’s Death” is taken by Atsushi Nigorikawa, known for his work on “A Destructive God Sits Next to Me” and other titles, with animation by EMT Squared. Bringing the characters to life through animation, Yuki Shizuku steps in with her expertise, having contributed to “Smile of the Arsnotoria the Animation” and “Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout.” Keiichirō Ōchi, recognized for scripting shows like “Adachi and Shimamura” and “The Quintessential Quintuplets,” is curating the series’ narrative, ensuring to weave an engaging and heartwarming tale.

The Tale of the One Thousand Tears of Joy

The dawn of Meg’s seventeenth year unveils a startling truth: her life is cursed to end in just 365 days. Guided by Faust, the Eternal Witch, Meg is faced with a peculiar challenge to lift the curse – cultivate a seed of life with a thousand tears shed from pure joy. Launching into an unforeseen adventure, Meg intricately weaves herself into the tapestry of her community’s lives.

Her magical abilities, which she employs to alleviate the troubles of those around her, become a source of unexpected bonding and revelation. Through comforting others, Meg unearths the profound value of joy and companionship, especially when juxtaposed with the finiteness of life. This expedition for joyful tears not only becomes a path to potentially saving her own life but also a journey of cultivating deep, meaningful connections that illuminate the true essence of living.

From Light Novel to TV Anime

In October 2019, a writer known as Saka brought their story to life on the Kakuyomu website, concluding it in August 2022. Kadokawa has been instrumental in transitioning this tale from digital to tangible, publishing print novels adorned with illustrations by Chorefuji. The eagerly awaited second volume is set to make its debut on July 17.

Expanding the story’s reach, Kenu Amearare undertook the challenge of adapting the narrative into a manga series, starting in March 2023 on the popular KadoComi (Comic Walker) platform. With Kadokawa facilitating the bridge between online serialization and physical collection, the manga’s debut volume hit the shelves in July 2023. Fans of the series can mark their calendars for July 26, when the second installment continues the visual journey of Saka’s original creation. This tale’s evolution from a web novel to printed novels and manga series exemplifies the dynamic life of storytelling in the digital age.

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