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Millennials Confess All Financial Regrets They Want Gen Z to Avoid 

Millennials financial regrets

Millennials in their 40s are sharing their financial regrets!  They’re saying, “Forget avocado toast,” but the real struggle was saving. Here’s what we Gen Z can learn from their mistakes to avoid future money woes.

1. Health Ain't a Joke!

These millennials admit they slacked off on taking care of themselves when they were younger. They should’ve prioritized healthy eating, exercise, and enough sleep.  Remember, you only get one body, so treat it right!

2. Saving for the Future? What Future?

Millennials learned the hard way about saving. With debt, rent, and living costs, saving felt impossible. But hey, Gen Z, listen up! Start saving early, no matter how small the amount. It adds up over time!

3. Work-Life Balance? More Like Work-Life WHACK!

These folks burned the candle at both ends, prioritizing work over everything else. They missed out on enjoying their youth and spending time with loved ones.  Newsflash: There’s more to life than your job. Take vacations, explore your hobbies, and chill with your squad!

4. School's Cool (Even When It's Not)

Some millennials regret not taking their education more seriously. They wish they had focused more in school to open up better career options later. So, Gen Z, listen to your teachers (sometimes) and hit the books! It will ultimately be profitable.

5. Life Goes By Fast, Don't Blink!

These millennials realized their carefree days were gone. They should’ve spent less time grinding and more time just living life.  Soak up every moment, Gen Z! Try new things, travel, and make lifelong memories.

Final Thought

This Reddit thread is a goldmine of wisdom. While it might be a bummer to hear about regrets, it’s a chance for us Gen Z folks to learn and make smarter choices. So let’s take this advice to heart and make our 20s epic (but also responsible) AF!

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