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Apple’s Exciting New Features: Bilingual Siri & Full-Page Screenshots –

Bilingual Siri Apple

Apple’s latest release of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma has ignited a frenzy of anticipation. With thrilling new features like bilingual Siri, full-page screenshots, and enhanced SMS sorting, Apple continues to redefine the tech landscape. Let’s dive into these game-changing updates and discover the future of Apple innovation.

Bilingual Siri: Breaking Language Barriers

In a move that caters to the diverse linguistic landscape, Apple has introduced bilingual Siri functionality in select Indic languages. Users now have the freedom to seamlessly mix English with Hindi, Teligu, Punjabi, Kannada, or Marathi when interacting with Siri. This long-awaited feature allows for more natural and contextual conversations with Apple’s virtual assistant, bringing greater convenience and accessibility to users, especially in India.

Full-Page Screenshots: Capturing the Whole Story

iOS 17 finally introduces the much-desired full-page screenshot feature. This functionality, commonly known as “Scrolling screenshots” on Android devices, enables users to capture an entire webpage or document in a single image or PDF file. By eliminating the need for multiple screenshots or third-party apps, Apple empowers users to effortlessly save and share complete content, enhancing productivity and streamlining information capture on their devices.

Enhanced Dual-SIM Support: Streamlined Communication

For users with dual-SIM devices, Apple has introduced several improvements to enhance the overall experience. Users now enjoy per-SIM message sorting, enabling better organization and efficiency in managing conversations. Additionally, users can assign separate ringtones to each SIM, allowing for easy identification of incoming calls. When calling back an unknown number, users can also choose the desired SIM, providing greater control and personalization in their communication workflows.

Additional Updates for Indian Users

Apple has also made several notable enhancements specifically designed for Indian users across their platforms. These include:

  • Transliteration support for Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam languages on iOS, allowing for easier input and communication in regional languages.
  • The option to sign into Apple ID using a phone number, offering users more flexibility and convenience in managing their accounts.
  • A built-in Punjabi dictionary, providing instant access to word definitions and phrases across various Apple platforms.
  • Increased call history visibility, allowing users to access up to 2,000 calls, including Facetime and WhatsApp calls.
  • Message filtering by known and unknown senders on iPad, simplifying message management and prioritization.


Apple’s iOS 17 breathes new life into user experiences with bilingual Siri, full-page screenshots, and refined dual-SIM capabilities. With an unwavering commitment to user needs, Apple is set to revolutionize digital interactions. Stay tuned for the stable release, as iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma promise a versatile and seamless future. Get ready to embrace the next level of innovation from Apple!

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