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Inside the World of Solo Leveling: An In-Depth Two-Part Documentary

upcoming two-part documentary series, behind-the-scenes details and global fandom surrounding popular webtoon and anime Solo Leveling.

On February 25, 2024, IGN’s official YouTube channel uploaded the trailer for the upcoming two-part documentary series based on the popular manhwa adaptation, Solo Leveling. The documentary, titled The Leveling of Solo Leveling, is a collaboration between Crunchyroll and production company AllSo.

The series will provide insights from a total of 20 individuals associated with the manhwa series, including creators, artists, and fans from both Korea and Japan, where the anime adaptation is being produced. The documentary will be split into two parts, with the first part being filmed in Korea and the second in Japan, specifically in the studios of each country.

While the release date for the documentary has yet to be announced, more information regarding its premiere will be revealed in the near future.

Most Successful Korean Webtoon

The trailer for the highly anticipated two-part documentary on the successful Korean webtoon series begins in the D&C Webtoon studio in Seoul, Korea. The narrator introduces the manhwa as the most successful Korean webtoon, with its written scripts proudly showcased in the studio.

The trailer then shifts to a place where talented individuals are seen diligently drawing panels for the series. Voices of the masses can be heard expressing how this manhwa series took the internet by storm upon its release. Despite the abundance of other manhwa series during that time, this particular one stood out due to its iconic art style.

International Collaboration

Next, the trailer takes viewers to the Crunchyroll studio in Japan, where the director of the series shares how his colleagues were eager for him to spearhead this project. The journey continues to the original anime studio of the manhwa series, A-1 Pictures. An animator explains how the anime adaptation will remain faithful to the original universe of the series.

The documentary will be a collaborative effort between Crunchyroll, an American entertainment company, and AllSo, a Paris-based production company. The manhwa is written by Chigong and illustrated by Sung-rak Jang (Dubu).

Two-Part Documentary: The Story of the Manhwa Series

The manhwa series has captured the hearts of millions around the world and cultivated a dedicated fanbase. Now, its exciting journey from conception to animation adaptation will be revealed in a two-part documentary series.

In the first installment, “A Hunter Rises,” viewers will travel to Korea and explore the origins of the manhwa series. The episode will feature D&C Media, the publisher responsible for the manhwa’s webtoon and web novel, and Redice, the world’s largest webtoon studio. The episode will center on the humble beginnings of the manhwa series and its initial reception in the local community.

In the second episode, titled “Second Awakening,” attention turns to Japan and the renowned animation studio Aniplex and A-1 Pictures, the team behind the manhwa’s anime adaptation. This segment will reveal the meticulous process behind bringing the manhwa to life on screen, including interviews with directors and marketing staff members on their efforts to elevate the anime series to new heights.

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